United States Center Of Real Aikido (USCRA) Activities

  1. Organizing Real Aikido schools and Real Aikido specialist seminars for adults and children in USA, Canada and South America.
  2. Training Real Aikido instructors for the profession of Real Aikido.
  3. Issuing uniformed member cards, diplomas and certificates, also organizing exams for each level according to the WCRA program.
  4. Organizing courses world wide.


        1. Kid's - Through Game to the Mastership

        2. Adult's - From Beginner to the Master

        3. Rape Prevention - " STOP RAPE"

        4. L.E. - Law Enforcement

        5. B.S. - Bodyguards School

        6. A.A. - Armed Assault 






- KIDS (7-16 Y. OLD)10 WEEKS $99.99

- ADULTS (MEN & WOMEN)10 WEEKS $149.99






Kids       6pm - 7pm

Adults    7pm - 8pm 

L. E.        8pm - 9pm 



5782 N. Elston Ave.  Chicago, IL 60646 

Tel. + 773.443.8059      24/7


Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. A good self-defense course provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training.

Yes. Self-defense training can increase your options and help you prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate, or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are to make a decision and to use it.

No. A basic course can offer enough concepts and skills to help you develop self-protection strategies that you can continue to build upon. It does not require years of study to perfect. 

The question to answer first is what does "hurt worse" mean? Rape survivors speak eloquently about emotional hurts lasting long after physical hurts heal. Studies show a physical self-defense response does not increase the level of injury, and sometimes decreases the likelihood. Also, people going along with the attacker have sometimes been brutally injured anyway. The point of using self-defense is to de-escalate a situation and get away as soon as possible. Knowing some physical techniques increases the range of possible self-defense options, but the decision to choose a physical option must remain with the person in the situation.

You don't have to be an athlete to learn how to defend yourself. A good program is designed to adapt to every age and ability and provides each student with the opportunity to learn. Each individual is unique and students should be able to discuss their own needs. Some programs have specialized classes for specific groups.

Taking a self-defense class is one of the most positive acts anyone can do for themselves! "National Coalition Against Sexual Assault by the NCASA Self-Defense AD-HOC Committee"




Our partners: 

World Self-Defense Association.  



Bodyguards School

Master Instructor Vladimir Djordjevic (professor of real aikido and jujitsu) and specialists qualified for this kind of training are the ones leading the schools in USA.

First stage training duration is 2-3 weeks.

The duration of second stage is 1-3 months. Those who pass special exams may attend it. After finishing the course graduated student reaches professional bodyguard diploma (certificate).

Subjects of training:

  • Special self-defense
  • The safeguard tactics
  • Safeguard organizing
  • Armament and shooting training
  • Technical protection means and connection means
  • Foreign language

More information and registration at USCRA



The program of the school for body guards lasts, depending upon the previous knowledge of the individual from one to three months. The program includes subjects which have the aim to give comprehensive to high quality preparation of the students of the school for body guards for independent work on the security jobs.

The students of the school learn how to estimate the situation, notice an unusual behavior with some persons, to investigate the surroundings with high quality, also objects, routs, to bring the decisions independently and coordinate the work with the other segments of the security.

The individuals who successfully complete the school for bodyguards are physically fit, able to oppose one as well as more attackers who use either physical strength or all sorts of weapons, they posses considerable skill of using and shooting with various weapons, to use successfully technical and other means for burglary protection of the objects, to use the fire protection means, the means of communication , as well as means of personal protection.

Beside the above stated the individuals are also able to give first aid to himself and other injured persons.

After all we have to point out that the individuals after they had finished the school, posses high knowledge of the rules of bon ton and their looks and behavior are always an integral part of the surroundings they are in at the certain moment.

The program includes the following subjects :

  • special self defense and physical preparation
  • weapons with the shooting training
  • weapons with the shooting training
  • the tactics of security
  • the means for technical protection and means of communication
  • the security organization
  • the first aid and protection
  • the rules of good manners


Individuals are, depending upon their previous preparation, given a programmed aimed for raising the level of physical fitness and they become familiar with the form of training for mass, speed and endurance.

The swimming training is aimed to learn to swim the individuals who don't know how to, and those who know how to, to learn how to help those who are drowning.

The program of special self defense includes the skills of real aikido, the self defense, the defense of the protected person, the fight with one or more attackers , who are unarmed or armed with various weapons (knife, stick, gun...)

In the part where starts practical training of sets for personal security (schemes ), individuals are trained to orient, they learn the schemes of covering for one or more body guards still 6, learn how to act in certain situations, when to resist the attack first and than and then remove the protected person ,or vice versa / , how to act when more body guards are engaged / who resists the attack , and who protects the person / , how to act in a case of false attack ...


This subject includes the contractions of certain weapons, construction and characteristics of ammunition with the theory of shooting / the elements of inside and outside ballistics / with the rules of shooting / breathing , firing, aiming , postures /, choosing and training the best postures for shooting and practical shooting with the aim of gaining the feeling for "instinctive " shooting.

The practical shooting is performed with various sorts of guns , revolvers and rifles.


This subject includes the individual training for stationary security / house, workplace , theatre, hotel .../, security on the move / walking, automobile driving, airplane traveling, traveling by ship, train .../ . Individuals are also trained for security during public and sports manifestations , political meetings and demonstrations. The persons are prepared for situational training of postures with which's attack of one or more attackers simulated, with most varied weapons in the most various and most dangerous situations. The individuals are taught to notice, recognize, and foresee the situations in which there is a possibility of attack on the protected person.

Beside all this, the individuals are taught how to organize the service of security of the protected person and his / her property during 24 hours , through all forms of security. On higher levels of training the individuals are learned how to manage the security service which means that they can organize and engage in more complex security systems for objects, persons , and valuables / money, artistic values, valuable papers , dangerous materials / .


This subject includes the course for fire protection , they become familiar with the means of antidiversion and fire protection means and their use, the way of fixing them and their integrating into the security system with the aim to raise the efficiency of the security service.

They also learn about the means for personal protection of the body guard and the protected person.

The subject "Means of Communication" includes learning about the means, the way of conducting a conversation, as well as making a special coded conversation connected to the activities and the place where activities take place. They also learn the characteristics of wiretap devices and their discovering and neutralizing.


The individuals through this subject learn about cardio-pulmonary reanimation, bleeding prevention, first aid at poisoning, drowning, burns, injuries caused with knife or bullets and first aid with bony tissues.


Through this subject individuals learn about the rules of clothing, eating, behavior at public places (street, restaurant, theatre, hotel...), learn the profession ethics with legal and moral views and relationship with the employer and his/her surroundings.

All this gives us the right to state that the person who finish the training in our school according to this program are qualified for activities of body guard during performing this difficult profession.


Complete Personal Fitness:

Completely Personalized Training Programs:

Weight Loss - Weight Gain
Strength Training - Sports Training
General Fitness - Body Building
We Also Offer...
Military Style Boot Camp - Physical Preparation For Entry
 Into The Military Or Police Academy

North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences

        Thank you for visiting the internet home of the North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (NAIMAS), a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. This website is intended as your source for information on the NAIMAS.

        The North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences is established for educational, social, scientific, athletic and benevolent purposes; to unify American martial artists with a foundation of mutual respect; to provide services and guidance to foster technical excellence, fellowship, human character development; to promote and provide the scientific approach in martial arts instructor’s education that should result in healthier (working) population with increased professional and competitive skills and capabilities to represent the USA worldwide; to outline and establish minimum training levels for the granting of professional degrees in the martial arts which correspond to those earned through education in other fields and offer a full range of professional degrees and set the standard for the future issuance of professional degrees in martial arts.
         The NAIMAS has a purpose of developing academic programs for the award of Associate of Science in Martial Arts Education (A.Sc.) and the professional title of Martial Arts Coach, Bachelor of Science in Martial Arts Education (B.Sc.) and the professional title of Martial Arts Senior Coach, Master of Science in Martial Arts Education  (M.Sc.) and the professional title of Martial Arts Master Coach, and Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts Education  (Ph.D.) and the professional title of Martial Arts Professor. These degrees are designed for  martial artists everywhere, who desire standard degree recognition for their years of grueling training, which corresponds to those  obtainable through every other area of study known to man; to recognize and establish standards by which professional martial artists may receive formal recognition for having unselfishly devoted their lives to continuing education, personal growth, and maintaining the standard of excellence in the task of educating the next generation of students and  potential instructors.
        NAIMAS is governed by the Board of Governors: a President (Dean, Chancellor), a Vice-Chancellor, a Secretary - Treasurer, a Board of Regents (Professors, Adjunct Professors) and a Board of Trustees.
         All officials of the Institute shall be required to possess the highest academic and martial arts qualifications, and shall specialize in all aspects of the martial arts known throughout the world. Each martial art in which the Institute conducts programs and confers degrees will be studied as a way of life including activities and project areas in the psychomotor, cognitive and effective educational domains. The NAIMAS shall be an equal opportunity institution under federal equal opportunity guidelines. It shall not discriminate among applicants in admission, educational policies, scholarship, and fees on the basis of race, religion, sex or ethnicity, recognizing no specific geographical boundaries nor restrictions.
        The Institute shall reserve the right to change programs of study, academic requirements, and the Institute policies at any time, in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Regents, without prior notice. The major obstacle has always been accreditation and recognition by the powers in the academic world. No academic administrative authority has the knowledge or authority to regulate education in the martial arts. NAIMAS Board of Governors has decided to completely bypass this expensive and unnecessary process by simply granting these degrees under our own authority. There is no body in the country qualified to examine our procedures and judge the validity of our degrees. We have control procedures, and will grant degrees based upon our own standards. The martial arts community is truly unique among educational entities and professions, in that accreditation by the academic world is neither available nor necessary.
        The Article of Empowerment of the North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences has been approved by the NAIMAS Board of Governors.
        Degrees conferred by the North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences are earned degrees. Our Institute does not award honorary degrees except on very unusual cases. Every degree must be earned under the criteria established by our Board of Regents. Degree requirements will vary considerably. Many of the requirements will be accomplished by the works already created during the careers of the martial artists concerned. These include schools and teaching systems established, championships won, champions trained, videos and books produced or written, and original contributions to the martial arts in the creation of competition rules, organizations, and new martial arts systems. Degrees earned in the martial arts are designed to help advance the professional martial artist in his/her field and should not be construed as degrees intended for advancement in employment in the private sector nor applicable toward earning degree credits from  academic institutions.

        Dr. Milan Pesic, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D. has been appointed by unanimous approval of the NAIMAS Board of Governors as the Chairman of the University of Martial Arts and Sciences Steering Committee. He will recommend leaders for eventual appointment to the Board of Regents.

         The NAIMAS will be presented as a distance learning (extended degree, off-campus, extended studies) program. It will utilize the mentor / candidate approach for curriculum and research studies. The curriculum will be set forth by a research and degree studies committee. This committee, as well as other committees  will incorporate a wealth of academic and martial knowledge from members of various academic and martial backgrounds. mentors (doctoral degree holders) will be assigned a candidate from our Academic Dean's office. The mentor / candidate will then work out an appropriate curriculum, then send it to the Academic Dean for suggestions or approval.

        We as martial arts professionals are probably the very last to stand up and force the world to recognize us as legitimate professionals. We are listing below the proposal for a full service degree program for the martial arts. It will include standardized criteria granting of professional martial arts degrees. What we want to do is set the standard by which future institutions will recognize all licensed instructors with the appropriate formal degree recognition.  These are professional degrees for the advancement of professionals in our field.

        Each martial arts instructor and his or her rank has been certified and accredited by the licensed instructor, by whom it was issued.
        Only the founder of a martial arts system or style is able to accredit, certify, or license students to teach and issue rank in that system or style.
        Only a sokeship council is able to assess and accredit any new martial art, system or style developed.
        Therefore, it is accepted by this board that every legitimate rank has already been accredited and is therefore worthy of appropriate professional recognition.
        The martial arts degree program will be a distance learning program granting degrees based on the ranks attained and granted by licensed instructors and major martial arts organizations, having board member representation in the specific martial art system and style needed for the issuance of said rank.
        Each degree will be earned and must be documented by your instructor and/or his or her association.  Each degree will have mandatory minimum requirements for rank and/or hours of training, as well as, standards for the documentation required for the granting of degrees.

Guidelines for specific degrees:

Associate Degree:                                              Bachelors Degree:

1. a High School Diploma (GED)            1. two years of college (or equivalent)
2. at least 3 years in martial arts               2. at least 6 years in martial arts
3. at least 1st Degree Black Belt              3. at least 2nd Degree Black Belt

Masters Degree:                                                 Ph.D. Degree:

1. a Bachelors Degree (or equivalent)      1. a Masters Degree (or equivalent)
2. at least 9 years in martial arts               2. at least 12 years in martial arts
3. at least 3rd Degree Black Belt             3. at least 4th Degree Black Belt

Candidates please submit the following material:

1. Copies of all diplomas acquired
2. Copies of requirements of each martial art discipline you practice, teach and/or have a rank certificate
3. Copies of certificates showing all ranks and promotions in all of the martial arts you practice.
4. Any other pertinent material pertaining to your martial arts career / history
5. An essay on the past, present and future of your principle martial arts including your future goals in martial arts practice.
6. Copy of a photo ID.

Applicant mailing information

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: __________________________  State: _________  Zip code: _______________

Phone: ____________________________ E-mail: ____________________________

Processing, Enrollment, Tuition and other Fees

Application, requirements, processing and evaluation fee $100
Enrollment fee (if applicant needs to take a course) $100
Associate Degree $250
Bachelor Degree $300
Master Degree $350
Ph.D. Degree $400

Course Tuition: A.Sc. $750, B.Sc. $1500, M.Sc. $2000, Ph.D. $2500

Credit for prior learning $250    Diploma fee $25

Returned check fee $20    Incomplete course fee $50

Note: All fees are tax deductible.

Please make check or money order out to NAIMAS (Acc# 271972572 8863483975)
and mail to:

North American Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences
P.O. Box 902
Hillside, IL 60162

Phone: (312) 593-4552

Fax: (708) 649-9112

Supreme International Sokeship Council

Thank you for visiting the internet home of the Supreme International Sokeship Council, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, with a purpose to register and recognize positive martial artists throughout the world, an organization of support for the teaching, development and understanding of martial arts with specific duty to those who have developed a style or RYU through hard study and dedication; to preserve and positively develop bright ideals of honorable martial artists, ideals of justice and protection those unable to protect themselves; to build healthy bodies and strong characters of students creating productive and positively inspiriting citizens as moral columns of society; to unify qualified martial artists and teachers building strong friendship and respect among them; to unify martial artists worldwide with a foundation of mutual respect for all styles or systems of martial arts and to provide services and guidance to foster technical excellence, fellowship and human character development.

About SISC

Martial arts teachers should be a part of the backbone of the educational system and should be given deserved respect, support and recognition from the community for their dedication and service.

To license. issue rank, and register qualified Black Belt members and Marital Arts Schools so that they may progress and receive the respect and recognition that they deserve for their dedication and service.

The Supreme International Sokeship Council's leadership is The Executive Board and various Committees.

The SISC Officers are responsible for handling the day to day affairs of the organization, while the Directors are responsible for coordinating events and other matters within their Regional Organization (RO).

All SISC Officers, and Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis, and receive no compensation for their duties.

There are no fees associated with membership as membership is by invitation or sponsorship only.

The SISC was founded in May of 1999 by Soke Dr. Milan Pesic, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Judo Master Instructor and Master Examiner, Washido Grandmaster, Jujitsu Grandmaster and Kick-jitsu Grandmaster.

The SISC offers you an evolutional support from other martial arts grandmasters and their organizations who are members to add to the strength you already possess from within your own organization. The SISC serves as a registering agency for your inheritors and highest ranked student Grandmasters.

We are NON-POLITICAL in that we only address those issues which directly concern us or are directed to us. We believe in the right of all "legitimate" organizations to co-exist in a friendly manner.

We have an SISC Martial Arts Hall of Fame to honor you for your achievements and to honor those in the martial arts community whom you feel deserve induction..... We also have a special "recognition" category for your students.

Membership Types and Requirements

Types of memberships:

A. Grandmasters B. Inheritors of existing martial arts systems (Soke-Dai) C. Founders of new martial arts systems (Shodai-Soke) D. Martial arts Masters E. Black belts F. Schools G. Organizations

Requirements for Grandmaster:

1. Must be at least 35 years of age. 2. Must have documented proof of at least 27 years of training in the arts. 3. Must be recognized Soke by the S.I.S.C.

Requirements for Inheritor:

1. Must provide present proof of inheritor ship. 2. Must supply a complete resume of personal achievements and background in the martial arts. 3. Must supply the complete lineage of the art inherited. 4. Must supply names and addresses of witnesses to the documentation. 5. Must agree to a background investigation to include both personal background and martial arts background. 6. Must agree to demonstrate and explain their art before the Executive Board.

Requirements for Founder:

1. Must be at least 30 years of age. 2. Must have documented proof of at least 20 years of training in the arts. 3. Must have at least a rank of 5th degree in an existing art. 4. Must have at least Black belt in two or more other existing arts. 5. Must supply a complete resume of personal achievements and background in the martial arts. 6. Must agree to a background investigation to include both personal background and martial arts background. 7. Must be free from criminal record. 8. Must agree to demonstrate and explain their art before the Executive Board. 9. Must agree to accept the rank issued by the S.I.S.C. Executive board. 10. Must agree to advertise only ranks and arts registered with the S.I.S.C. and not create sub arts of the new art. 11. Must agree to advertise Grandmaster status in only the art recognized by the S.I.S.C.

Requirements for Masters:

1.Must be at least 28 years of age. 2. Must have at least a rank 5th degree in an existing art. 3. Must be free from criminal record.

Requirements for Black Belts:

1.Must be at least 16 years of age. 2. Must hold a black belt in an existing art. 3. Must be free from criminal record.

Requirements for Schools:

1. Must teach a legitimate art. 2. Must submit background information about the school and its owner/ instructor for investigation.

Requirements for Organizations:

Must submit complete information about the organization and its founder for investigation.

Membership Fees:

Applications must include membership fees and all requested information. The S.I.S.C. upon reviewing the information and conducting a background investigation, reserves the right to refuse those individuals that it feels does not meets its standards.

Applicants applying for associate membership as Black Belts or Masters pay an one-time Life Membership fee of $50. Organization Life Membership is $100. Permanent School Membership is $50. Applicants applying to have their system recognized pay $250. A minimum of 50% or $125 (non-refundable) is required for processing. Fees for rank promotions (6th - 10th Degree) are $300 - $500 ($50 X degree #)



P.O. Box 902 Hillside, IL 60162, U.S.A.

S.I.S.C. Background Questionnaire

Please Print or Type

Name:_______________________________________________________ First Middle Last

1. Civil Title: ( ) Dr. ( )Prof. ( ) Mr. ( ) Mrs. ( ) Other:______________________

2. Martial Arts Title:____________________________________________________

3. Date of Birth:_________________________

4. SSN:_________________________

5. Mailing Address:_____________________________________

Street address or P.O. Box


Additional address, if needed


City, State and Zip Code

6. Telephone - Home:__________________ Work:_______________________

Fax:____________________ E-Mail:____________________

7. Occupation:__________________________________________________

8. Are you a US citizen or lawfully admitted foreign national? ( ) Yes ( ) No

9a. Have you ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude? ( ) Yes ( ) No. If yes, have you had your civil rights restored by an appropriate federal or state pardon? ( ) Yes ( ) No.

10. Are you at this time awaiting trail as a defendant or respondent in any civil or criminal proceedings? ( ) Yes ( ) No. If yes, describe the circumstances on an attached page.

11. Have you ever been expelled for any cause by any martial arts organization?

( ) Yes ( ) No. If yes, please explain on attached page.

12. Have you ever served in the Armed Forces of the United States? ( ) Yes ( ) No.

If yes, and you are currently not serving on active duty or retired, what type of discharge did you receive? ( ) Honorable ( ) Dishonorable ( ) General under Honorable conditions; if other than Honorable please explain on attached page.

13. Do you currently use illegal drugs or have an addiction to drugs, including alcohol?

( ) Yes ( ) No.

14. What is the total years of your formal academic education:__________

15. If you are a college graduate, please indicate your highest degree, major and name of the institution/university and year that you graduated:__________________

16. What is the name of your primary martial arts style?


17. What is your rank in this style/discipline:________________________________

18. Give the total number of years that you have been involved in the martial arts:__________

19. To the best of your knowledge, are you aware of any situation, condition or predicament concerning yourself, which if it becomes public knowledge, would bring embarrassment or disgrace to the S.I.S.C. by virtue of your induction? ( ) Yes ( ) No. If yes, please explain on an attached page.

20. Do you, or your guest have any special physical needs to be accommodated in order for you or them to participate in the awards ceremony? If so, please describe them on attached page.

21. Please provide the names of (3) references who can verify the information which you have provided and who can attest to your good name and reputation.

a. Full Name:______________________________ Phone:(___)__________________

Address:______________________ City_____________ State____ Zip________

b. Full Name:_____________________________ Phone: (____)______________

Address:______________________ City_____________ State____ Zip_______

c. Full Name:____________________________ Phone: (____)______________

Address:______________________ City_____________ State____ Zip_______

*************************************************************** *

I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that providing false or misleading information can, and will result in my removal from consideration for induction into S.I.S.C., or my expulsion, if the deception is discovered after my induction.

Signed on this___ day of____________2000, at:______________________(city & state).


Signature of candidate

Please print hard copy of this form, (as it will require your written signature) print and complete (all) information (Incomplete applications will not be processed). And send to:

Screening Department
P.O. Box 902
Hillside, IL 60162

Phone: (312) 593-4552

Fax: (708) 649-9112