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WCRA & USCRA Proudly Presents:

1. From Beginner to the Master  (from yellow belt to the 1.DAN )

2. Through Game to the Mastership ( for kids, yellow-brown belt)


This series will enable you to recive rank promotions via video tape!            Order one tape for just $ 129.95 with FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING !!!
Order any two tapes for just $ 199.95 with FREE S&H !!!

DISCLAIMER: AS WITH ANY NEW PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, YOU SHOULD BEGIN YOUR TRAINING AT A SLOWER PACE AND GRADUALLY WORK YOUR WAY UP TO THE MORE ADVANCED LEVELS AS THERE ARE PHYSICAL DEMANDS IN THE SCOPE OF MARTIAL ARTS. USCRA & WCRA and its officers, instructors, agents and associates refuse any responsability and liability (including injury, bodily harm or death, whether anticipated or unanticipated associated with afore said techniques or unanticipated) resulting from the study, practice, participation in or application of Real Aikido techniques presented on these video tapes or related techniques.

Learn to defend yourself against a BASEBALL BAT, the most common assault weapon used in Americas urban areas.
Complete KNIFE defense techniques; from standing as well ground positions (one handed as well as combined with grappling).
There truly is no defense against a discharged weapon, but just as true there are defenses against the threat of violence from the "threat" of a HAND GUN from various positions be it frontal, rear or side attacks.
Defend yourself from a variety of holding/GRAPPLING attacks. Whether the attacker gains contact with your arms, legs, throat/neck, torso or clothing. These techniques will also provide you with a useful defense in cases where the attacker combines his/her hold with the use of a weapon.
Defensive techniques against KICKS both in standing as well as in ground position.
The crime of RAPE in our times is becoming more and more evident. The perpetrators at times seem unstoppable. This is purely the case with victims who have not taken the time to learn the proper defense techniques against such attacks. DON'T BUY THIS TAPES if you wish to be a helpless victim.
Learn the most effective defense techniques against the most common attack; the PUNCH. Here you will learn defense techniques from frontal, rear, and side hand (punches) attacks.
Though the SWORD is no longer the weapon of choice in modern times it still remains a weapon against which defense is utterly difficult. Here you will learn the techniques that are not only effective against a sword attack but techniques that you will be able to incorporate in defense against other weapons (long AXE, STICK, bats and the like). These techniques are truly works of art and will provide you with the knowledge to remain in one piece in the event of such an attack.

This series will also enable you to recive RANK PROMOTIONS via video tape!

Thats right, you purchase video tape and once you feel that you have learned and internalized the techniques as prescribed on the tapes, you simply send to the USCRA a video tape of yourself performing the techniques you've learned along with a check in the amount of $35.00 (for each student belts, 5th through 1st KYU) $150.00 for SHODAN -  exam payable to "United States Center Of Real Aikido".
The Shihan will then review your submitted video tape and promote you accordingly, or instruct you in writing on the particular techniques you need to improve.

If you are promoted based on your submission you will receive your rank certificate.

If you need to re-submit your video tape due to corrections in your technique, the USCRA, will not charge you the $35.00 or $150.00  submission fee again.

Print the following order form, fill it out, and mail it to us. If you live in the USA, sales tax, if applicable, are indicated below. Your email address is required.

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Please print this order form and mail it along with your check or money order payable to:

"United States Center Of Real Aikido"

5904 N. Harlem Ave

Chicago, Il  60631



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 We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions as well as provide you with our remaining quantities. We appreciate your overwhelming interest. USCRA.




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