I haven’t checked other sites. When I try and add the card, it does not show up in the list of available cards. I use Debian rather than Mandrake, so I can’t help you with how that’s done. The XMAC also supports unlimited frame sizes. The default value is microseconds.

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The sk driver supports the following media types: Shutting down loopback interface: The interface has to be brought down and up again before a change takes effect.

Drivers For Free – Network Marvell Semiconductor 3com 3c Gigabit Lom Ethernet Adapter Drivers

Insert the module with this command: You can use an alias and fake email. I went to the website, and they pointed me towards the download file. Find More Posts by liontooth.

Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? However, it’s got to be trivial to make it work — Doesn’t that preclude the ability to copyright the drivers? Here are a couple of steps that might help: Check Link State eth0: To reduce spam, I manually approve all comments, so don’t panic if it looks like the page simply refreshed and your comment doesn’t show up immediately.


Dyrek December 30, Thanks to you I have no problem whatsoever now.

Setting mbps full-duplex based on auto-negotiated partner ability 41e1. Well my card works, but when i reboot I have to run insmod 3c I’m using the 2. Visit the following links: I would have Never figured out to use a Marvel driver for a 3Com product.

Now what is the kernel source and how do I install it? Find More Posts by candyman Here is how i inserted the module[[ insmod 3c A Blizzard employee did some looking around for another individual, and found. R August 30, I have 2 tar’s one from asus site and one from asus cd-rom do I have to make this file ethetnet how? Find More Posts by iamwm.

At first sight – everything seems to work fine, but if I connect to the server via samba and copying a file from the server to my windows client – it takes about 30 seconds for a 1 MB file! If that helps any. It would have of course been nice if ASUS got a hold of some new drivers and put them on their site, but failing that, this is probably the next best thing, and is at least a Vista-certified driver although not a driver certified specifically for the 3C That is what the readme file said I needed to do.


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Drivers for manufacturers 3Com to Network cards

I’ve been reading about command line manuals and stuff but haven’t gotten real far yet. I even looked through the drivers I had to find the right one and I ethenret even see that brand in the drivers.

The module wont get inserted at more than Mbps when it shouldve been at 1Gbps Join our community today! The sk driver configures dual port SysKonnect adapters such that each XMAC is treated as a separate logical network interface.