Creative should automate this in their drivers though nVidia’s latest drivers automates it. Well this one has a nice sunken design which is more expensive than a simple fan screwed on top a cheap heatsink. Mainly looks likes a spruced up version of nVidia’s Tweak page. As my version of 3DMarkMAX is not registered, all results are based on an x resolution at bit colour depth with each processor’s proper optimization. Game-1 Same as the above remark. The blades are well curved to scoop the hot air out. This Product is provided courtesy of,.

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Anyway WT98 isn’t very thorough for video-card benchmarking. Read time gnt 00sec. The fan they provided wasn’t always running, in the sense that I sometimes needed to give it a push to make it spin.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Series

The 3dfx MiniGL driver was not rkva fully featured OpenGL driver, but a wrapper that mapped certain OpenGL functions to their equivalents in Glide, blaste was able to attain a speed advantage because of that. I’ve been running almost every video card successfully in my Super-7 combo for quite a while now and if there has been any compatibility issue, I would have addressed them in my reviews, but I still see many queries.

Word has it those markings of chips that start with T Bumping the resolution to x, you can see it’s a little sharper than the old TNT at this resolution. Below is a summarized table according to performance if you’re already confused!


MS Windows 98 Build 4.

He also helped me to run tests using his P to test the card’s stability at higher FSB speeds. I mean I tried playing the same track at least 5 times in either colour depth and I can’t find that ‘bit’ of difference and I really looked hard! The Detonator drivers also fixed compatibility issues with motherboards of the time, and improved overall software compatibility.

For TV-output, we have to manually lower the resolution and refresh rate to output on to TV.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 M64 (32 MB) (2069321016) Graphics Card

The PCB is of the usual Creative standard but the box says that it’s using a newer heat-dissipating design. Have a look at the snapshot for more details. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the time, most games supported 3dfx’s proprietary Glide API which gave the Voodoo2 a large advantage in speed and image quality, and some games only used the Glide API for 3D acceleration, leaving TNT users no better off than people who didn’t have a 3D irva.

The box is so big that you open eagerly to find only a small PCB, CD, manual and others which gives you a feeling that you might have over-paid or have something missing!

You have to manually lower your resolution to x or x at 60Hz refresh rate in order to have output to the TV. Vanta also was implemented as integrated graphics on some motherboards. This card should be the number one choice blqster you only have a budget for a Banshee or TNT. We were quite surprised of the TV-output quality!

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 M64 (32 MB) () Graphics Card | eBay

Since Game-1 and Game-2 scores play a big part in the final score, the KNI-enabled PMhz has a big lead against the rest of the pack. Well this one has a nice sunken design which is more expensive than a simple fan screwed on top a cheap heatsink.


At the time, Quake2 was the benchmark for performance and the 3dfx-made Voodoo2 enjoyed a large performance difference over the TNT because it had 3DNow! That’s very fluent for a 32MB texture.

This Product is provided courtesy of. Phantom Menace, Star-Wars Episode NVDA designs, markets and sells a complete family of award-winning 3D processors that deliver industry-leading performance and visual quality for a broad range of PC applications, including: This shows how powerful 3D-NOW! The installation involves the fairly standard procedure of switching your display-adapter type to Standard VGA Adapter in Device Manager before powering down to change the ntt and let windows detect the new card and direct tng to the location of its drivers, that’s it!.

Game-1 Same as the above remark. The Ultra word was stuck to the back plate of the heatsink!

Retrieved June 15, The TNT had bit color support while the Voodoo2 only supported bit although internally dithered down from bit color, beating the TNT in 16bit quality.