Simply push the contro11er cap forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out. June 18th, , The perspective view updates after the mouse is released. October 25th, , August 11th, , Get updates Get updates. The time now is

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After selecting the crop region, the camera and camera extents appear in the plan view. June 18th, We accomplished this by using a Frame Chrome app that runs seamlessly in the background while running applications on Frame. This results in a poor user experience overall.

Tips 3dconnrxion Using a 3Dconnexion Device in Revit. For manipulating models in 3D, some applications use the keyboard, some use the mouse, and some use a combination of both. Never miss a story from Speaking of the Cloud…when you sign up for Medium.

This technique does not happen automatically after opening a model. Sign in Get started. Last edited by MichaelLV; December 6th, at October 25th, All times are GMT. Rather than being stuck with orthogonal views like you would with 2D design applications, 3D software allows users to rotate, zoom and pan in 3D space. This was by no means a small feat.


Tech preview — 3D mouse support with 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator

August 11th, To quickly see it in action, try the 3Dconnexion trainer app or install Google Earth. To engage this function, 3dvonnexion the Home button the House icon above the ViewCube. There is no need to open the plan view nor select anything from the navigation bar.

Scrolling the middle button of a regular mouse zooms the entire drawing area, not the model inside the crop region. Tips for Using a 3Dconnexion Device in Revit Here are a couple of tips I’d like to share on the additional use of the contro11er cap in any 3Dconnexion devices.

But according to our customers, the best navigation and exploration experience is with a purpose-built 3D mouse. How to change the distance of the camera from a model in a perspective view With a regular mouse, there are two methods: Open the floor plan and perspective views then tile them WT. As a tech preview, the feature is still in the experimental phase, but we encourage you to try it out and let us know how it works for you.


Drag the wheel inside or outside the crop region of the perspective view. Click Zoom from the wheel, hold down the left button then move the mouse forward or backward to zoom in or out.

Tips for Using a 3Dconnexion Device in Revit

June 13th, November 10th, The time now is The perspective view updates after the mouse is released. Get updates Get updates. You may have to manipulate the model a few times for this trick to work. Results 1 to 1 of 1. Click the Steering Wheel button from the Navigation bar. Secondly, a great 3D mouse experience relies on user inputs being instantaneously and consistently transferred to the application.