How is life in the 40s

Life & Age Five problems we run away from in our 40s

40th birthday and the years that follow can be difficult, especially for us women. This may be because our so-called "internal clock" is ticking and there are some things to be clarified in this decade.

You have already achieved a lot in your life, but now you are facing new challenges that you have to face.

The most common problems we like to run away from in our 40s

1. Partnership

Have you been in a committed relationship for years or have you been married? It can be nice to be in “firm hands”, but unfortunately the daily grind also makes itself felt. Children, job, household, spouse - always bringing everything under one roof can be very difficult, nerve-wracking and exhausting.

You want to please everyone, but now the time has come when you have to ask yourself whether your needs are being met. It goes without saying that in a long-term partnership it is no longer as tingling as it is with lovebirds.

But now you are in the middle of your life and you have to ask yourself whether you want to continue your relationship until the end of your life or whether you want to change something. Before starting a conversation with your partner, you should be clear about what you want. What are your needs?

2. Parenthood

You are mother Did you raise one or more children? Then don't keep asking yourself whether you've done everything right. The past cannot be brought back. However, you may learn from some mistakes. It all depends on how old your children are now.

If you were a young mom, then your children have grown up themselves and will move out of their parents' house. When they fledge, do not hold them back, for they must now stand on their own two feet. But they will be happy if they can come back to you again and again.

You are in your early 40s and have no children yet? It was never the right time - first the career, then not the right man. More and more women are daring to have their babies late. With the state of today's medicine, this is possible.

But even if you do not have children of your own, this does not have to mean that you have to lead a childless life. You can be the loving aunt, take care of and hang out with your best friend's children, adopt a child, or take in a foster child. There are many options for being with children.

3. Change of job

You have been in the same job for years. That can be good if you love your job and find a certain fulfillment in it.

But if you go to a workplace for eight hours a day that makes you unhappy, then it is high time to think about it. If you have a will that you want to change your professional situation, then tackle this.

At 40, it's not too late. Find out about retraining and advanced training. Maybe other employers offer you better options that will increase your income or catapult you up your career ladder.

4. Finances

Have you actually wondered how much your time and work that you have invested in raising children and the household for years is actually worth. Is all of this valued? Are you financially independent or do you have to shrug off the household money?when you want to buy a new handbag or perfume.

It's not too late, but now you need to review your financial situation and talk to your partner about it. Because financial independence gives you a new level of independence and a whole new attitude towards life.

5. Retirement planning

In order to take stronger action against old-age poverty in the future, there is now a so-called maternal pension. Mothers with at least three children born before 1992 are taken into account and get three years of upbringing credited to their pension contributions for each child.

But if that doesn't apply to you, then act now, discuss with your partner, your best friends or an insurance broker what options are available to you.

At 40, you have to worry about your personal retirement savings. If you've taken little time to plan your own finances, then you should start now.

Also and precisely because all these issues are uncomfortable, now is the right time to tackle them. Above all, you should also take your personal needs, wishes and goals into account.

Life is so short and yet we often hold on to things for a long time that are simply not good for us and slow us down. But that's over now, because your future has begun.