How do they use babies in movies

How long can my child watch TV or videos?

A good time for this is, for example, when the child has just come out of daycare, kindergarten or school and while they are eating together. In addition, two rules apply: limit and choose.

How long can children watch TV or watch videos?

Preschool children should watch TV no longer than 20 to 30 minutes a day, elementary school children a maximum of 45 minutes. The latter are also allowed to watch children's films, which sometimes last longer, but not every day.

Michael Gurt advises parents to say goodbye to the daily television dose. "The media should be fun and not structure the day," explains the media educator. So take a break on some days and watch a DVD on another. This also increases the anticipation: The moving stories remain something special, the children do not constantly squint at the clock or interrupt the game with friends for a program.

Select sensible programs

Targeted programs can support the development of children. Knowledge programs, for example, play with children's curiosity. Age-appropriate stories such as "Sendung mit der Maus", "Shaun, das Schaf" or "Pettson und Findus" provide ideas for talking to children about values ​​and experiences (for example in kindergarten or with friends). provides a decision-making aid. Media experts rate the current program that is relevant for children. "For a start, I recommend the public service programs, as the little ones are not confronted with advertising," says Götz. Only from elementary school onwards do children understand the mechanism of advertising. And even then they are still subject to their fascination. "Sensitize your child by showing him again and again how the message of advertising can be deciphered and how manipulative it is," says the media educator.

Make offers to your children, and then let them decide what they want to see. Those who make their own decisions learn competence and responsibility. Of course, this also applies to dealing with the media.