What makes your pet morose

Grumpy cult cat at Madame Tussauds

San Francisco (AP) - It's a historic moment, but Grumpy Cat doesn't make a face. Rather bored, the cult cat lolls with a sullen look in her bed on a platform at Madame Tussauds. Completely the professional, even the television cameras and microphones cannot disturb Grumpy Cat - that is, the grumpy cat.

It is a moment steeped in history for the wax museum. For the first time, the tourist attraction reveals a cat image.

Grumpy Cat made of silicone, fiberglass and artificial hair sits deceptively real on its own pedestal, not a meter away from its living role model. You are absolutely proud of this honor, says the beaming Grumpy Cat owner Tabatha Bundesen (30) at the unveiling. But what does your pet really think? "She thinks everything is terrible," says Bundesen flat.

Bad-tempered words are constantly put in Grumpy Cat's mouth. No wonder with that face. Because of an underbite and a slight disability called "feline short stature", it appears as if the cat is pulling the corners of its mouth downward in disapproval. That sullen expression has long been worth its weight in gold. Grumpy Cat became famous with a photo that the owner's brother published on the discussion page Reddit in September 2012. The nickname "Grumpy", something like "grumpy" or "sullen", was born quickly.

The three-year-old cat, who lives in Arizona, now has over eight million Facebook likes. She stands in front of film cameras, appears in YouTube videos and is invited to events. She has a manager and a website with all kinds of sales items. And now she has a doppelganger too.

The image is not made of wax, like the typical star figures at Madame Tussauds. After all, Grumpy Cat should move and withstand the onslaught of visitors. A team of 15+ tinkered with fiberglass, silicone, electronics and artificial fur for four months. Grumpy Cat can lift its head, blink, wiggle its ears, and loll a little. Of course, as with the living model, the corners of the mouth always hang down.