What is your best tip for everyday life

33 simple tips that immediately ensure more exercise in everyday life

This is my daily routine

Since I received all the great tips through my Facebook group “Laufen für Frauen” and my Instagram account, a lot has changed for me!


First the workout, then the morning tea

My day usually starts out with a sport. Let's call it "slightly sporty". I already picked up this routine in the summer, although on some days it really takes a lot of conviction. I start with one 5- to 10-minute workout:

  1. 2 × 30 seconds arm circles,
  2. 30 squats,
  3. 30 seconds arm rest,
  4. 30 seconds of push-ups,
  5. 30 second sit-ups,
  6. 30 seconds lower leg,
  7. 30 seconds of cherry picking,
  8. Wall-sit for as long as I can hold it.

Every now and then I skip one or the other exercise, but actually I do this sequence five times a week and then pat myself on the back.

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The alternative: yoga in the morning

If I had an evening run the day before, I usually try to start the day as gently as possible. Then I replace my workout with a yoga unit and practice relaxed several morning greetings. I don't need much for that: my yoga mat and now and then a great guided YouTube video by Mady Morrison.

After this short exercise session in the morning, my day can start!

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