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* February 24, 1786 Hanau

+ December 16, 1859 Berlin (as a result of carbuncle surgery)



Berlin-Schöneberg, Alter St. Matthäus-Kirchhof (honor grave next to that of his brother Jacob)



Engraving by H. Biow / L. Sichling (1854) 


Collector, linguist, folklorist, editor; together with his brother Jacob one of the founders of modern German studies. Known worldwide for the collection of the Children's and Household Tales (together with his brother), which he edited linguistically and published from the second edition onwards. In addition to fairy tales, the focus of his collecting activities is old German poetry. Most scientifically significant work: that German dictionary (together with the brother; etymological-historical explanation of the German vocabulary up to the letter F; completed only in 1961. W. edited the letter D)
Second son of the judicial officer Philipp Wilhelm Grimm (1751-1796) and his wife Dorothea, née Zimmer (1755-1808); eight siblings (three died early): Jacob (1785-1863), Carl Friedrich (1787-1852), Ferdinand (1788-1845), Ludwig Emil (painter, 1790-1863), Charlotte (1793-1833). Limited circumstances after the early death of the father. First lessons by the city councilor Zinkhan in Steinau. - Lifelong living and research community with his brother Jacob ("Brothers Grimm"): "We never want to part for once" (Jacob to Wilhelm, July 12th, 1805). Health problems over and over again.



Marriage to Henriette Dorothea Wild ("Dortchen", 1793-1867; pharmacist's daughter). Children: Herman (1828-1901), Rudolf (1831-1889), Auguste (1832-1919)

Awards (Selection)


Honorary doctorate from the University of Marburg

Important life data:


Father becomes bailiff in Steinau; The family moves from Hanau to Steinau.


10.1 .: Death of the father.


Visits the Lyceum Fridericianum in Kassel with his brother Jacob (with the support of Aunt Henriette Zimmer).


Start of law studies at the University of Marburg, where his brother Jacob has been studying since the previous year. Shared apartment: Barfüßerstr. 35. Both pupils of Friedrich Karl von Savigny, Brentano's brother-in-law; Contact with the circle around Brentano.


Mother Grimm moves from Steinau to Kassel with her other children.


State examination in law. The brothers start collecting legends and fairy tales.


Meeting with v. Arnim and Brentano in Kassel. Collaboration on the 2nd and 3rd volume of The boy's magic horn.


May 27th: Death of the mother.


Health problems. Cure in Halle, where Brentano visits him. With Brentano to Arnim in Berlin. Nov .: journey home; on the way visit to Goethe in Weimar.


Reunited with his brother in Kassel.


Acquaintance with the sisters Jenny and Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. Unfulfilled love affair with Jenny, pen pal.


Position as library secretary at the Electoral Library. Together with sister Charlotte and brother Jacob shared apartment at Wilhelmshöher Tor. Jacob in diplomatic service in Paris and Vienna.


As the second librarian, Jacob becomes his brother's colleague at the Electoral Library.


The brothers have to vacate the house at Wilhelmshöher Tor. New apartment in the beautiful view. - The sister Charlotte marries the court assessor Hans Daniel Hassenpflug.


May 15: Marriage to Henriette Dorothea Wild. The brothers' shared flat is retained.


The son Jacob dies soon after the birth.


Birth of his son Herman (who later became an art and literary historian, +1901).


When the vacant senior librarianship is filled, the brothers are reset. Call to the library (for the brother also to the university) Göttingen (Kingdom of Hanover). End of the year: move to Göttingen.


Librarian in Göttingen. Still community with the brother (apartment in today's Goethe-Allee). The historian Dahlmann, the lawyers Hugo and Göschen, the archaeologist K. O. Müller, the legal scholars Blume and Albrecht, the orientalist Ewald, the theologian Lücke and the literary historian Gervinus belong to the circle of friends and acquaintances.


Birth of the son Rudolf. - Severe pneumonia.


Birth of the daughter Auguste.