Is Bali safe for Indians

Is Bali a Safe Travel Destination?

White sandy beaches, year-round pleasant temperatures, mystical temples and a diverse nature - these are just a few reasons why Bali has become a real one in recent years Trend travel destination has developed. The island in the Indian Ocean attracts numerous vacationers every year. However, the Kuta terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005 are still remembered by many. There are also threats from natural forces such as floods and volcanic eruptions. Many holidaymakers therefore ask themselves how security is in Bali. After all, you want to enjoy the best time of the year carefree. Is It Safe To Fly To Bali?

Is Bali a safe travel destination right now?

This question can be answered with an unequivocal yes. On the one hand, the Balinese government is consistently taking action against terrorist activities. Security guards are present in all busy places. On the other hand, because of their culture and mentality, most Balinese strive for harmony and reject violence. Therefore, you can enjoy your vacation on the dream island to the full without any worries. Safety is definitely a top priority in Bali. In view of the tense global political situation, however, it is advisable to stay up to date. You can find up-to-date information on the security situation in Bali on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

So that you can answer the question “Is my Bali vacation safe?” With a clear conscience, we have put together all the background information and information on the basis of the Foreign Office's travel warning for Bali. There is a risk of piracy and kidnapping in the waters off Indonesia. Do not go on individual boat excursions in the waters off Bali, instead use organized tours. Make sure that several people participate and avoid secluded bays. For your own safety, wear the so-called Crisis preparedness list "Elefand", for which you can register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Your data is recorded electronically in this list so that you can get effective help from the German diplomatic mission in an emergency. In addition, contact details of relatives can be stored, who will be notified in an emergency. Registration is free and is also recommended for short stays abroad. You can find a link to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Is it safe to vacation in Bali? Questions and background

Bali vacation: security according to the Federal Foreign Office (as of January 2020)

Attacks, especially in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, are pointed out under the heading “Security” on the Federal Foreign Office's website. There is also the note that despite the increased security level in all of Indonesia Attack risk consists. Public institutions, international hotel complexes, discos and Christian churches are particularly at risk of attack. In addition to the major cities of Indonesia, Bali is also mentioned as a possible destination. However, no further terrorist attacks on Bali have been reported since the 2002 and 2005 attacks. If you read up on the latest travel and safety information for Bali before your holiday in Bali and if you follow a few guidelines, you can visit the exotic island with confidence. Caution should be exercised on special occasions such as the Balinese New Year festival Nyepi or important political events such as elections. Despite high security precautions, there is an increased risk on these days due to the crowds.

The current domestic political situation

According to the advice of the Foreign Office, there is no current danger in Bali. Nevertheless, you should always inform yourself about the situation on site and larger ones through the local media Crowds how to avoid demonstrations. Should a situation arise in which security forces have to intervene, their instructions must be followed. In general, Germans, like many other holidaymakers, are very welcome in Bali. The Balinese are cosmopolitan and tolerant of different religions and origins. According to the German ambassador to Indonesia, both countries are "close partners in shaping a just and sustainable international order."

Is Bali Dangerous? Security in Bali

The most common criminal acts in Bali are counted Pickpockets and theft of smartphones or handbags. It is particularly important to be particularly attentive in busy places and tourist attractions. Never carry more cash with you than necessary. Travel documents and documents that you do not have to carry with you are safe in the hotel safe. The best thing to do is to make a color copy of your ID before starting your trip to Bali, which you will have with you instead of the originals. It is not uncommon for forced cash withdrawals to occur, in which vacationers withdraw a certain amount from ATMs and hand them over to the criminals. There are also isolated cases of credit card fraud and the use of knockout drops in Bali. Never let your glass out of your sight, even when paying. Gambling gangs like to tempt holidaymakers in Bali to take part in manipulated and forbidden games of chance. The local police usually do not even record reports of these scams. Indonesia is cracking down on drug violations. For this reason, avoid all contact with illegal substances and drugs. Even a small amount of drug possession can result in long terms of imprisonment, in some cases the death penalty. The penalties are also enforced against foreigners. Notice that too Medication such as psychotropic drugs that are taken on vacation for personal use may be classified as drugs.

Hazards from natural and climatic disasters

Geographically, Indonesia lies in a seismically active zone, the Pacific ring of fire. In this area there is an increased risk of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tsunamis. The severe earthquakes in 2018 were also noticeable in Bali, and aftershocks are still possible. The Agung volcano has been active in Bali since November 2017. Hazard level 3 has been declared since February 2018 and a 4 km exclusion zone has been set up around the crater. A number of volcanoes on the neighboring islands are also active, which is why volcanic activities can repeatedly impair air traffic in the short term. Sometimes individual airports are completely closed. Information on what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption can be obtained from the German Embassy in Jakarta. During the November to March lasting Rainy season there are always heavy rain and floods. As a result, traffic disruptions and disruptions to telephone and Internet connections are often to be expected. Landslides make entire stretches of road impassable. Inquire locally whether there are alternative routes and avoid stretches that are prone to flooding and landslides in the rainy season. Information on storm warnings can be found in the "Notes on cyclones abroad" on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Health hazards in Bali

Before you start your trip, make sure that you have sufficient Vaccination protection feature. Even if you as a holidaymaker arriving from Germany do not have to prove any compulsory vaccinations, your standard vaccinations should be up to date. There is a risk of malaria in Indonesia all year round; in Bali, however, the risk is classified as minimal. Information on tropical and infectious diseases is available as a PDF on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Information on help with snake bites is also available on the site. In any case, you should pack a mosquito repellent in your first-aid kit, as many mosquitos are at home in Bali. As a preventive measure, light-colored and long items of clothing help against annoying stitches. The large hotel complexes in Bali are characterized by high Hygiene standards so that you can enjoy the food without hesitation. If you do suffer from diarrhea, appropriate medication from the first-aid kit is the best solution.

Import and export rules - be careful with exotic souvenirs

Find out which ones in good time Souvenirs You can take home with you. A number of mementos are confiscated by customs, and it is not uncommon for them to be fined. Be especially vigilant about keepsakes made from plant or animal products. This can also include a shell chain. If the materials are from an animal or a plant that is endangered or even threatened with extinction, you must expect confiscation. Souvenirs in the form of local textiles, typical ceramics or other products that actively promote and support the island's economy are more suitable. Also fall under the strict import ban Weapons and ammunition of any kind and pornographic products. This includes film material and media. Otherwise, items such as 200 cigarettes, a bottle of alcohol or electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops may be imported duty-free. If you want to take your four-legged friend with you on your trip, it is best to ask the airline or the consulate general of Indonesia about the conditions. As a rule, a visa is issued for a maximum of 60 days. The minimum length of stay must not be exceeded. In the event of a violation of the entry regulations valid in Indonesia, heavy fines up to imprisonment of up to 5 years are possible. A fine of one million rupees must be paid in cash for each day of illegal stay. If the permitted residence permit is exceeded for more than 60 days, there is a risk of deportation.

Is It Safe to Fly to Bali? More tips and information

If you are traveling in Bali, you should pay particular attention to the Road traffic. The infrastructure in Indonesia cannot be compared with European standards. There is left-hand traffic, the roads are mostly in poor condition and the volume of traffic is extremely high. Frequently there are accidents with fatalities. The numerous motorbikes and scooters that overcrowd the streets take a lot of getting used to. It is safer to book a driver for a tour. Just like when booking trekking tours or other excursions, you should only use staff recommended by travel agencies. The general rule in traffic and public transport is that neither road, sea, nor air traffic corresponds to the usual European standards and is very prone to accidents. Do not board any means of transport that appear unsafe. Be aware that Indonesian investigative and legal proceedings are not up to European standards. Often there is a lack of legal assistance and the conditions of detention are poor. In Bali in particular, holidaymakers are taken into custody for a long time for minor offenses such as property damage.

If you follow these guidelines and customs in the host country, your holiday in Bali is safe.

All statements without guarantee. Only the competent authorities of the respective countries can provide binding information. Please note that the situation is developing dynamically and can change quickly.

This article was last updated on March 13th, 2020.

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