What is the highest paid computer science job

Computer scientist salary: this is how much you can earn!

Facts about the IT salary

As a student Computer scientist can you assume that you will get to the high earning professions will belong. You can already use it as your starting salary 40,000 euros gross per year calculate, depending on the company it can even be 50,000 euros. This makes the job of a computer scientist one of the highest paid professions. Should you venture into the industry as a career changer or for other reasons work in the IT field without a degree, you have to expect a lower salary. There is also Salary differences between Bachelor and Master graduates, even differences of several thousand euros per year are possible. In addition, the salary varies depending on the subject you choose.

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  1. Opportunities in your studies
  2. Starting salary
  3. Influencing factors
  4. Salary difference industries
  5. Freelancer
  6. Career changers
  7. Career opportunities
  8. International comparison
  9. outlook
  10. Alternatives
  11. overview

Opportunities in your studies

You can work on your later salary while you are learning the skills you need for your job at university. In addition to a good university degree, employers pay particular attention to practical experience and not infrequently allow this to flow into salary negotiations. For you, too, previous professional experience is a good argument for negotiating your salary expectations. So make an effort in your studies Hiwi positions or internships. Especially in the technical area you will find next towell-paid part-time jobs also paid internships - a fact that other students can only dream of. Therefore, as a prospective computer scientist, it is twice as worthwhile for you to do to look around for suitable internship positions.

Starting salary as a computer scientist

With studies

With a completed university degree as a computer scientist, financial worries are not the rule at first. The The job market is booming and skilled workers are desperately wanted in many companies and institutions. Once you have decided on an employer, you can start with a salary of 40,000 euros to 50,000 euros gross per year calculate. This starting salary is one of the highest that university graduates are paid, the same also applies to a Trainee salary. This puts you on the same level as engineers who are paid a comparable sum.

Starting salary Bachelor / Master

There are differences in the starting salary between Bachelor and master graduates. Depending on the employer, the differences can even be in the range of several thousand euros per year. However, you have to keep in mind that the differences can quickly adjust over the course of your career. As a Bachelor graduate, you will have more work experience faster and you already have a salary in your account two years before the master's degree. For some professions, however, a master’s degree is compulsory. In the field of research, for example, you will hardly be able to avoid a master’s degree.


If you are aiming for a doctorate, lead no way around the master. During your doctorate, you can work as a research assistant at your university get employed and already make good money. Usually your Salary between 40,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year are located. With a doctorate in your pocket, you can look forward to a starting salary of up to 57,000 euros gross per year.

Without studying

Should you not have chosen the path to university and instead opted for a Training in the field of IT specialist have decided, your starting salary will be around 30,000 euros gross per year lie. However, through several years of professional experience and further training, you can raise your salary in the course of your professional life and often end up in similar salary classes as studied computer scientists.

Influencing factors

In general, the bigger the company, the higher the salary. Not just in IT Large corporations often pay more than smaller ones or medium-sized companies. Still, that shouldn't be the deciding factor when choosing your employer. Often larger corporations not only offer higher salaries, but are also much more impersonal and set up with clearer hierarchical structures. On the contrary, you earn significantly less in a start-up, for example, but you can constantly learn and develop quickly through flat hierarchies on the career ladder. In summary, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, you should also choose your career Think about the aspect of company size.

Another influencing factor is that Region in which your future workplace is located should. Despite the generally good salaries in the IT industry, there are clear ones geographical differences. As in many other professional groups, there is also a financial difference between the new and old federal states among IT specialists. While you're in the expect a lower salary in the new federal states you earn significantly better in Hamburg, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin and Bavaria. One of the reasons for this is that many large IT companies are based in these federal states. In Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, your chances of getting above-average wages are even higher. The income there is often up to 17 percent above the national average.

federal stateSalary (gross per year)
North Rhine-Westphalia47.000 €
Rhineland-Palatinate46.890 €
Saarland47.000 €
Baden-Wuerttemberg50.750 €
Bavaria49.740 €
Hesse49.940 €
Thuringia40.910 €
Saxony40.300 €
Brandenburg41.510 €
Berlin42.630 €
Saxony-Anhalt41.210 €
Lower Saxony46.890 €
Bremen44.250 €
Hamburg45.570 €
Schleswig-Holstein44.970 €
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania39.280 €

Salary difference in the various industries

As a trained IT specialist, you are often spoiled for choice. Your professional training gives you the opportunity to find a job in almost any industry. The The professional field is broad, as well as the career paths you can take. Depending on the industry you choose, expect higher or lower pay.

Compared to starting salary, there are the best chances of getting one high pay in the automotive industry. Right from the start you get here 51,800 euros gross annually as a young professional. The salary prospects in the medical area for computer scientists. The media are at the bottom of the industry comparison. As a career starter, you are offered an average of 40,000 euros gross per year.


It is not uncommon for IT specialists to decide after a few years as employees to work freelance and independently. According to a study by the Alliance for Independent Knowledge Work, 95 percent of freelance IT workers are satisfied with their income and mostly earn good to very good. On average the hourly rate for them is 83 euroswhat a monthly Average net income of 4,700 euros leads. Every tenth freelancer has 8,000 euros net in their account at the end of the month.

Career changers

A lateral entry is definitely possible in the field of computer science. The demand for IT specialists is and will remain high for the time being, which is why the The job market is basically open to lateral entrants. The salary that career changers in IT can earn depends heavily on the qualifications they already have. If you have a degree and can quickly acquire the know-how for your new IT job with a few training courses, you can do one with one Minimum gross salary of 30,000 euros per year calculate. Depending on the employer and previous experience, there are also Salaries of up to 42,000 euros gross per year are possible.

Career opportunities

As a computer scientist, you have many opportunities over the course of your career to develop yourself professionally and financially. The You achieve top salaries at management level. Here is a reward from 100,000 to 140,000 euros gross per year possible. As an IT security expert, you can earn EUR 75,000 gross per year. Basically, the more responsibility you are willing to take on in your job, the higher your salary.

Should you have chosen a professional life in research and as a Professor You can also work at university with one annual gross salary of 70,000 euros calculate. Your income fluctuates depending on the university and tariff group, it is worth taking a closer look at the guidelines of the respective university. Earn the highest salary Computer scientists in management positions. As an executive and manager, you can achieve a gross salary of up to 140,000 euros per year in IT.

International comparison

The profession of computer scientist is in demand all over the world. If you are interested in working abroad for a few years, you will have few problems with this job in getting a job abroad. But where are the highest salaries for computer scientists?

They are pioneers for high salaries in the IT industry USA with an average gross salary of 76,000 eurosyearly. Directly behind is Switzerland, where you earn an average of 70,000 euros gross per year. Germany is with other countries like UK or Australia rather in the midfield on road. Finland brings up the rear with EUR 37,000 gross and France with EUR 33,000 gross per year. You only earn less as a computer scientist in Serbia. Here it is just 23,000 euros gross per year.

Prospects in the future

Given the steady increase in the importance of technical progress for our society, the idea of ​​a further increase in salaries in the IT industry is not entirely absurd. After all, the IT profession is part of the Professions with a future. However, strong wage increases are not to be expected in the next few years, even if the IT industry will continue to grow positively. The demand for computer scientists will also increase, which is what you as a computer scientist good chances on the job market procured. The increase in required personnel and the general necessity as well as increasing importance of the industry has, however no foreseeable automatic salary increase result.


There are a number of things you have to do in the IT field Alternatives available, should you not decide on the job of a computer scientist.

Vocational school teacher

An alternative occupation to that of the computer scientist is, for example, that ofr vocational school teacher. Again, you can with a good salary and a Vocational school teacher salary of 2,800 euros gross per month calculate. As a teacher, you have the Possibility of a civil service and the advantages that come with it.


Another alternative is that Profession of engineer. The average salary of a experienced engineer is in the IT area an average of 61,000 euros gross per year.


Should you be more practical and Having fun assembling, manufacturing and repairing have, then that is Profession of mechanic interesting for you. As a trained mechanic with a few years of professional experience, you can work with a Salary of around 2,900 euros gross per month calculate.


  • Computer scientists are among the specialists with the best salary prospects.
  • The starting salary varies depending on the university degree and previous education, but this can quickly be balanced out after a short work experience.
  • The amount of the salary depends on the size of the company, the industry and the location.
  • With increasing professional experience, the salary increases.

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