Swap women is normal

10 life wisdom that we can learn from Frauentausch-Andreas!

The “Frauentausch” format has been flickering across the screen on RTL II since 2003. The show was a huge success right from the start: What happens when two families swap mothers interests a large number of viewers every week. And of course there are sometimes characters that make us wonder: Are they really real ?! One of these candidates was Andreas, who is now considered an absolute cult character of the format. With his bizarre wisdom and sayings, he made people laugh and shake their heads alike. Here are 10 life wisdoms from Frauentausch-Andreas that really teach you something about life (just ask yourself what)!

# 1 Every household has its own rules and habits

And even if it only means that Andreas can shout like a berserk at any time: his household, his rules. People yell around quite often. That's just how it is. Can not do anything.

# 2 Others don't need to understand what you're doing

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"Violence is normal in our household," says Andreas. Yes. If he thinks that's normal ... It doesn't matter what others think. Everyone should live the way they should. Even if that means that you regularly buff your face.

# 3 Eating healthy is important

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It doesn't matter whether the food has expired long ago, because Andreas knows: “If you keep the cold chain, that's okay. I know, I come from the industry. ”Well, if that's not an argument ... We are much calmer!

# 4 Hygiene is almost more important

That's really exemplary. And of course Frauentausch-Andreas is right: It really doesn't get any cleaner than that. You can eat off the floor without taking anything away. Thanks for this tip!

# 5 Hygiene can also be dangerous

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How good that Andreas points out to us: Household cleaners are really damn dangerous. Especially for women. So you better keep your hands off it - uh, no, wait, somehow it doesn't work out here ...

# 6 Anyone who has an education can't be stupid

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Somewhere he is right, Andreas, even if somehow one still doubts that in his case ... Nevertheless, thank you very much for sharing your experience and wisdom with us.

# 7 If someone gets stupid to you, you just have to counter properly

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Especially with really nasty swear words. Oberzicke, for example. But he really gave her it - she'll probably think about it for a while.

# 8 Or you come up with really creative insults

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Well, he's creative, you have to give Andreas the swap woman that. We ignore the fact that his insult doesn't really make sense - creativity is what counts, and Andreas can score points all along the line!

# 9 Just don't make any changes

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If there is one thing that Frauentausch-Andreas doesn't like, it's changes. They rarely bring anything good. That is why we are completely with him when he says “Everything will stay as it is.” This is how, as is well known, you get further in life.

# 10 Getting the magic words right

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With these magic words one gets a hearing, respect and can assert oneself in every situation in life. Those who use them correctly are perfectly prepared for every situation. Who needs arguments when he says “Stop stop! Now I'm talking! ”Has ?!

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