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Cannabis: We answer the 40 most Googled questions from Germans - Part 1

The great thing about the internet is that you can just type in any goddamn question you can think of into Google, and then Google will try to give you an answer. This is particularly useful when it comes to drugs because you no longer have to rely on Maik's information just because he is two years older and has already pulled a joint (yes, life was like that before the internet).

But because a search engine is just a soulless bunch of lines of code and doesn't always answer every question in such a way that you can do something with it, we tried again. So this is the first part of the 40 questions that come to Google on the subject of cannabis, answered by the best minds of the VICE editorial team.

What is cannabis / weed / marijuana / hashish? (what is the difference?)

Cannabis is simply the Latin word for "hemp". "Marihuana", "Weed" and "Gras" refer to the dried flowers of the female hemp plant, i.e. the green-brown bud that is in your baggy. "Hashish" or "hash", "Shit" or "Piece" is the pressed resin that is obtained from parts of the female hemp plant and looks like a gray or black lump.

The main active ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. We don't want to bore you with too many biochemical details that you can read up on Wikipedia for yourself, but basically this stuff acts on two receptors in your brain. It alters the signals that flow between your synapses, which can trigger "happiness, relaxation, and analgesia (pain relief)" in you.

So much for theory. In practice, cannabis works a little differently for everyone, and the different strains have different effects. But we assume that the one or the other of you know the practice who has already listened to stoned music or had sex or sat on the sofa and laughed peculiarly with your buddy over Bane quotes.

If you smoke too much or too strong stuff, it can also happen that you get ultra-sick, you can no longer talk properly and friends laugh at you for the next three months.

How long don't drive a car after using cannabis?

There are two answers to this: the sensible one, and then the one given by the German state. The sensible one is: you should never drive stoned, but only when the effect has completely subsided, so preferably only after you have slept over it for a night.

The state is not making it so easy for you, because you are currently at risk of having your driver's license withdrawn if you drive sober but have smoked a joint at some point in the days before. This is because THC is still detectable in the urine long after the effects have ended - see:

How long can cannabis use be detected (blood / urine)?

"After a single consumption, the cannabis can be detected in the urine for three to six days," says the physician Franjo Grotenhermen, who books such as Hemp as a medicine wrote and is chairman of the Cannabis as Medicine Working Group. But those who consume continuously must expect a detectability of two weeks to two months in the urine. "After a single consumption, nothing can usually be detected in the blood after twelve hours, with regular consumption after three to seven days."

From when on prescription cannabis?

Hurray, hurray, the law is already here. Since March 10th, doctors in Germany have been able to officially prescribe weed to seriously ill patients at the expense of health insurance companies. Before that, more than 1,000 patients in Germany used grass as a medicine. The number of patients is likely to increase sharply as a result of the new law. Experts reckon that up to 800,000 people will benefit from the new regulation. Cannabis flowers and extracts are prescribed for very different diagnoses: chronic pain, stroke risks, anxiety disorders, depression, migraines, neurodermatitis, sleep disorders, psoriasis, but also cancer or HIV patients get weed on prescription. The law allows doctors to personally decide in which case of illness cannabis treatment makes sense. The patients then get the weed at the pharmacy.

Ganja is just the Indian word for grass. No, it really has nothing to do with Jamaica, it's Indian. And now cut off your dreadlocks, Julian. No, not because that is "cultural appropriation". Just because you look like shit.

Oh yeah, the unmistakable smell of Mary Jane. Although it has to be said that hash smells quite different from weed, somehow caramel-like. Grass, on the other hand, smells strong, sweet, slightly like a headache - some say it smells like the vagina of a Nepalese forest fairy that has been lying in the sun a little too long. But these are usually the people who have dropped their Abitur in order to fully concentrate on their hobbies (tuning the Saab and weed). You don't necessarily have to listen to them.

How dangerous is cannabis?

If "tuning and smoking my Saab" is enough for you in life, it's not dangerous at all, haha. No, kidding aside, cannabis also has its downsides. Regular cannabis use, especially in adolescents, can increase the risk of psychosis. And of course you can become dependent on it. But let's put it this way: of all the illegal substances you can ingest, cannabis is the only one that has never been proven to have killed anyone. You read that right: it is medically impossible to ingest so much cannabis that you die. (It is not impossible, however, to get the idea of ​​doing any life-threatening thing.)

Basically, if you find that the drug is pushing other aspects of your life into the background, it is probably a good idea to stop.

Knowing yourself is the first step. So you are on the right track. A good place to go is drugcom.de. Sounds dodgy, but it is operated by the Federal Center for Health Education. There you can get help from psychologists via chat or email. Otherwise you can call the addiction and drug hotline around the clock: 01805 - 31 30 31. You can find a Germany-wide directory of addiction counseling centers here.

When was cannabis discovered?

As with so many things that happened a long time ago, an exact date can no longer be reconstructed, but the ancient Greeks and Chinese definitely knew about hemp. (How much better would our world actually be if this Middle Ages hadn't intervened?) Scientists found remnants of hemp textiles that are thousands of years old in ruins in a Chinese province. Cannabis is also mentioned as a remedy in ancient Chinese scriptures. The Greek poet Ephippus wrote about the use of cannabis to relax as early as the fourth century BC.

When was cannabis banned in Germany?

The cannabis ban is older than the FRG: In 1929 the Weimar Republic passed an amendment to the Opium Act - and thus implemented the resolution of the Geneva Opium Conference of 1924/1925. This demanded that cannabis be placed on the list of controlled substances.

Prohibited since then: cultivation, manufacture, trade, import, export, sale, sale, acquisition and possession of cannabis. Today you can read about this in §29 ff. Of the Narcotics Act. Exception at that time: Cannabis could still be sold in pharmacies. Exception today: people and institutions that have a permit from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. The consumption of cannabis is currently also excluded from the ban. This is where the punishable offense of self-harm comes into play. Problem: How do you want to consume when you don't have something? Therefore, according to the Narcotics Act (Section 29, Paragraph 5 and Section 31a), prosecution can be waived if cultivation, purchase or possession is only for personal consumption.

Why is Snoop Dogg allowed to smoke marijuana?

Snoop Dogg is allowed to record anything but no more reggae records, please. No, seriously: Snoop Dogg said in Ask me Anything on Reddit that he smokes 81 joints a day and gets high on every recording and concert. Reason one why he's not being arrested (all the time): He's got a doctor's prescription in California. That doesn't apply in Texas, however. And in Sweden, too, he has already ended up at the police station.

If you store it correctly: many years. And that without the THC content dropping significantly, says the German Hemp Association. Marijuana has a larger surface area than hash, which makes it more sensitive and breaks down the THC faster. Hashish can still retain some of its effects even after decades. It is best to store the grass at temperatures below 20 degrees. If it gets warmer, the breakdown of the THC accelerates. So: store in a dry, cool and dark place.

How do you grow cannabis?

The plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. In any case, you need gardening utensils, as well as seeds or seedlings - from female plants, if you want to smoke the flowers effectively at some point.

In general, outdoor gardening is cheaper and less time-consuming. You can garden - yes, even under the German sun - from spring to autumn. Prerequisite: a piece of land away from the police eyes. Growing under one roof is less noticeable - but it takes more time and money. The cannabis plant needs 12 to 18 hours of light from a suitable lamp every day - which entails a corresponding electricity bill. You also need a ventilation system so that your neighbors and mom don't become suspicious. You can read the details in appropriate cannabis blogs. But don't say we didn't warn you (see: When was cannabis banned in Germany?)

How do you recognize mold on marijuana?

Let's assume you mean the mold on your marijuana plant - which of course you don't have because it's forbidden. You can recognize this by the fluff between the buds or a thin layer of coating on the leaves.

How long does cannabis work?

We'll assume you want to know how long you've been high. Of course, that depends a lot on how much weed you put in your joints or cookies. The cannabis doctor we trust, Franjo Grotenhermen, says: "When you smoke cannabis, the effect occurs faster, but it doesn't last as long either - in about two to four hours." If you consume cannabis cookies or hash brownies, the effect occurs later, but it also lasts between four and twelve hours.

How much cannabis do I need to bake pancakes?

Depending on the recipe, you will need cannabis milk or cannabis butter first. The quantities given in the recipes vary, but one gram of grass is often given for a liter of milk and the same amount for the butter.

Is cannabis harmful to dogs and cats?

It all depends. The resin of the hemp plant consists of different substances, the so-called cannabinoids, which have different effects. A cannabinoid, CBD, is even prescribed by the pharmaceutical industry when dogs or cats have mental health problems. The owners should then keep a diary of the "physical and psychological body functions (stress, digestion, appetite, etc.)". This is what it says on the package insert.

The other cannabinoid, THC, triggers the high in us humans. With dogs and cats too. You start to stumble, have no orientation. Berlin veterinarian Ilona Skolarski tells VICE that she once treated a dog that ate ten THC muffins: "It lay motionless in its basket for two days." Most animals vomit from cannabis and develop diarrhea. In severe cases, they can even have stomach bleeding. Conclusion: better not feed cannabis for fun.

In which countries is cannabis legal?

Wikipedia has a map showing in which countries consumption and possession (of small amounts) is tolerated. But there are only two countries where there are no restrictions at all on the amount you consume, grow or sell: Uruguay and North Korea. Exactly, in the Asian country where little else is allowed, weed seems to be legal. The joy of being able to smoke a joint shouldn't last long if you end up in the labor camp for the next derogatory comment about the Führer.

Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

Not in the whole city, but in some official clubs - similar to the Dutch coffee shops - you can smoke it. That is why Barcelona is also known as Amsterdam Light, or Amsterdam on the beach. A site that collects and rates cannabis clubs in Barcelona has over 100 shops in their list. You are only allowed to smoke weed if you are a member here. ID cards are quickly issued to tourists for a membership fee - and quite legally, an old Spanish law allows associations to produce marijuana themselves and offer it to their members. Some clubs can be recognized by an inconspicuous image of a hemp leaf at the entrance, others lure tourists into their shops through promoters.

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