Agree, agree, disagree

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weak verb - a. its agreement with the opinion ... b. to agree with sth; something …

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weak verb - to condescend oneself graciously, to like, to ...

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Adjective - a. be inclined to do something; b. benevolent, benevolent

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Decision solution

Noun, feminine - legal regulation according to which every German ...

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Noun, feminine - 1. Distortion of the result, which is caused by ... 2. Satisfaction with something that ...

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hurry up

weak verb - 1. strive to be as quick as possible ... 2. do not hesitate, but hurry, diligently ...

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strong verb - 1a. someone as advantageous, suitable, reliable ... 1b. as something specific, as… 1c. himself to offer his services

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Noun, feminine - 1. the tendency; 2. the inclination, the oblique falling; 3. special interest (for certain things, ...

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