In which episode did Jiraiya die

Naruto Shippūden - Episode 373: Follow Your Teacher's Shadow

Title:Follow your teacher's shadow
First broadcast:November 29, 2010
Kanji:師 の 影 を 追 っ て
Rōmaji:Shi no Kage o otte
Translation:Following the mentor's shadow
First broadcast:March 25, 2010
Special:〜 ナ ル ト の 涙!再起 の 誓 い 〜
~ Naruto's tears! The oath of return ~
New characters:Shiho
New Jutsu:No
Naruto leaves the room and says Jiraiya, as Hokage, would never have let Tsunade go on such a dangerous mission. Sakura is upset about Naruto's rudeness, but Tsunade says it's all right, while Pa hopes Naruto is the boy from the prophecy. Tsunade remembers a conversation with Jiraiya.
Conversation between Jiraiya and Tsunade.
She is clearly drunk and apologizes to him for always getting the short straw because she thinks he should be Hokage. He replies that it wouldn't be for him and she says he regrets that he couldn't stop Orochimaru because he kept trying all the time.

Pa tears her from her thoughts and says she still has the duty to protect the village. Furthermore, Jiraiya would have left further clues that there was still a rain village ninja in the frog's den and that another frog was one of Pain's bodies that Jiraiya managed to kill.

Meanwhile, Naruto wandered sadly through Konoha and remembers how Jiraiya used to string other women in the springs to gather information for his book. Meanwhile, the hospital is preparing the autopsy of Pain's body.

Pa gives Tsunade a photo of the message on his back and finally says goodbye, whereupon Tsunade promises to do everything to ensure that Pain is destroyed. Naruto remembers traveling with Jiraiya to train and buy new clothes with him. Suddenly he meets Iruka, who invites him to a noodle soup, but he refuses and just walks on.

Meanwhile, Tsunade instructs Shikamaru to decrypt the message on Pa's back. He is appalled at the time, but Tsunade leaves the room without a word and remembers how Jiraiya complimented her and wanted to bet her that he would die on the mission because she always loses bets. Then she thinks about how they got into a team together and starts crying.

Naruto continues walking through the village, finally sitting down on a bench with an ice cream and also starts crying until Iruka joins him, who has heard about Jiraiya. Naruto is of the opinion that he only showed Jiraiya his bad side until the end, but Iruka replies that Jiraiya always talked about him well, that Naruto would have been like a grandson to him and that he still watches over him. He shares Naruto's ice cream and holds out half of it encouragingly, which Naruto accepts with a smile and thanks him.

The next morning Shikamaru goes to the decryption department, but they haven't found out anything about the code, except that it is not a Konoha code. One woman said that without the key to the code, it would not be possible to crack it and that she needed someone who knew a lot about Jiraiya or the person for whom the code was intended. Shikamaru thinks of Kakashi or Tsunade.

Shikamaru goes to Kakashi with the photo, but Kakashi knows nothing and suggests going to Tsunade or Naruto. He has already asked Tsunade and so only Naruto remains. Shikamaru finds him at home, but his thoughts are so high that Shikamaru decides to take him to the hospital. There they meet Kurenai, who is obviously pregnant. He says that Asuma asked him to take care of the child and that he will be his future student. He can understand Naruto, since he has also lost his master and it is time to stop crying, to rise and to become a master himself.

Naruto seems to have overcome his grief, agrees, smiles and thanks.

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