176 cm is a decent height


- Put a folding rule between your legs and off you go!

Spring is getting closer and closer and many have to buy a new bike. Either because the old has had its day or because you just want a new toy. There are many things to consider when buying. You worry about the color, features, price, but the most important thing is to buy the right size.

Many bicycle manufacturers offer a calculation of the frame size on their website. Easy, you think. But it's not that simple. We'll go into that in more detail later. Now, as recommended by the manufacturers, we first calculate the frame size using the formula given so often:

Step 1: measuring the stride length

The stride length is the length of the inside of the leg. It is best to measure the stride length with the help of a spirit level and a measuring tape, yardstick, folding rule - whatever. Better not use a ruler because I think that's too short. If you don't have a spirit level at hand, a book or notebook can be used. Now simply place without shoes on a surface that is as level as possible and clamp the spirit level or the book horizontally between your legs. The best thing to do is to pull it up until it “stands” until it becomes really uncomfortable. Now just measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level or book to the floor. The value then corresponds to your stride length.

Step 2: Determine the correct frame height

MTB / Fully: Multiply your stride length by the factor 0.226. The value you then get is your theoretical frame height in inches. Multiply by 2.54 (= 1 inch) you get the frame height in cm.

(Note: racing bikes, trekking, cross bikes have different factors for calculating the stride length)

Step 3: frame height about height

You can also determine your frame height using your body size, but the method is not that precise. Here is a table that pretty much every bike provider makes available on the internet.

Height in cmFrame height in inchesFrame height in cm


A dream in theory - often not realistic in practice

“So now you've calculated your perfect frame size. As I said, mega simple but unfortunately only theoretically. In practical terms, there are many other aspects to consider: The many different types of bicycles of the individual brands and the resulting frame geometry and then there is your body - there are people with long upper bodies but short legs or the other way around. One likes it big, the other prefers small. The right frame size also depends on the seating position in which you ultimately feel most comfortable. Saddle and handlebar position, stem length all have an impact on your “perfect” bike. No matter who you talk to about the topic, everyone knows better, has a different view. I have already seen discussions after discussions on this subject.
Ultimately, everyone has to know for themselves how best to get down from the mountain. I mean, I know guys who are 1.85 m tall and ride an S bike.
My advice for all mountain bike, freeride, downhill, fully riders - go to the bike shop you trust and get advice and test the bike. Try different sizes. Yes, I know that is not always easy, because which bike shop has all sizes on site, especially freeriders or downhillers (mostly you have to order them and then just hope it fits), but at least you should try it. If you buy the wrong size, it means: You have spent a lot of money on a bike which is not fun in the long run, I am thinking of constant pain, long-term orthopedic damage due to incorrect stress on your back and leg muscles and the stress you have because you have to get yourself a new one next year - and then the whole thing starts all over again. "

Have fun next time you buy a bike!


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