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Bursitis: Irritated "buffers"

Bursae cushion pressure from bones, but they can self-ignite.

Bursitis: Causes & Treatment

As the name suggests, one bursitis is inflamed, sometimes even several. Bursae are located on heavily stressed parts of the body such as the joints and buffer the friction between muscles, bones and tendons. However, if they are overstrained, for example when exercising, they can swell and consequently hurt when they are pushed or moved. Bursitis is usually treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and immobilization of the affected joint.

How does bursitis develop?

Bursa have oneimportant buffer function: The small, fluid-filled sacs are near joints and cushion the pressure and friction between bones and soft tissue (such as tendons, muscles, or skin). Everyone has around 150 of them.1

The bursa can become inflameddifferent triggers to have. Possible causes are:

  • Permanent stimulus and overload (for example, with tilers due to constant kneeling)
  • Injuries (especially bruises)
  • Infections caused by bacteria that get to the bursa through open wounds, for example
  • Metabolic diseases such as gout
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis)

Bursitis can also resultabnormal changes in the joints, for example with osteoarthritis (joint wear) or arthritis (joint inflammation).

Swelling and Co. - symptoms of bursitis

Typical of the inflammatory reaction in a bursitis are symptoms such as

  • the reddening of the affected area,
  • a warming of the body part,
  • Pressure sensitivity,
  • Swelling as well
  • limited mobility and dysfunction of the affected joint.

If the bursitis is due to a bacterial infection, many patients also report aboutgeneral symptoms such as fever and chills. The shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, wrist and ankle joints are particularly often affected.

If the symptoms recur or last longer than three to six weeks, doctors speak of onechronic bursitis. Most affected are athletes and professional groups such as tilers or cleaning staff, who due to their professional activity often put pressure on certain bursa.

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Shock wave therapy and antibiotics as additional treatment options

Another option for treating bursitis is a so-calledShock wave therapy.In this pain relief procedure, very high-energy sound waves generated by a special device are directed onto the painful areas. The sound waves cause vibrations there and destroy solid tissue components, for example calcium deposits, which can also be responsible for bursitis. The waves can be bundled so that they only reach the diseased area. Skin and muscles are not damaged. In addition, the shock waves promote blood circulation and thus also the cell metabolism in the affected tissue.

If the cause of bursitis is a bacterial infection, treatment is usually with itAntibiotics hip, trendy, popular.

Treatment of chronic bursitis

If all conservative measures to treat bursitis (i.e. immobilization, cooling and anti-inflammatory pain medication) show no improvement and the bursitis becomes chronic, the doctor can also do onephysical therapy recommend. The aim is to strengthen the muscles and relieve tension in order to reduce the pressure on the bursa.

If none of this helps, the last option is onepartial or complete surgical removal of the bursa. The tissue sacs filled with fluid can grow back and theoretically cause problems again.

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