Why doesn't my cat meow properly

  • Tips if the cat meows due to hormonal factors

Especially with cats or tomcats who have not been neutered, the hormones just go through every now and then. At around six months of age, queens become sexually mature and experience their first heat in heat. They are now ready to mate and demonstrate this state by walking restlessly to and fro, rubbing their heads on objects, rolling on the floor, increasingly marking, raising their tails and increasingly meowing, hissing or cooing. Even cats that have always been quiet at night suddenly meow loudly when they are in heat. At the same time, the sexually mature cats emit a scent that cats can smell over long distances thanks to their fine nose. It is possible that your hangover will suddenly become unbearable when a neighborhood cat is in heat. He will then do everything in his power to get to the neighbor's cat and express his displeasure at the closed door at night by loud meowing.

The most effective remedy against this sexually motivated cat terror is surely a castration of the cat or the male. Neutered cats usually become calmer and lose interest in mating friends. The danger of permanent heat, which exists in cats if they are not covered during the heat, is averted by castration.

If you would like to neuter your cat or tomcat, you should discuss this plan thoroughly with your veterinarian. He will advise you in detail about the right time, advantages and possible side effects of castration.