Is it difficult to live in Arlington?

Arlington National Cemetery ... - Arlington National Cemetery

"America’s Shrine to those who honorably served our Nation" - this is the explanation of the large Arlington cemetery. The cemetery is just a 'stone's throw away' from the Washington Capitol, right across the Potomak River.
As part of our visit to Washington, we also paid a visit to the cemetery.
We arrived at the welcome center and were able to familiarize ourselves a little bit with the information boards with the size and the directions we wanted to take on our way to some of the grave sites. (There is also a paid bus that goes to various grave sites.) However, orientation was easier for us because we had a local guide.
So it went on a small circular path on the paths through the rows of graves.
Below the Arlington House is the Kennedy family burial site. Some remodeling was taking place here, but the gravesite of President Kennedy and his wife and the eternal flame were visible. Here one should linger in awe - as in the whole cemetery. Here, however, a supervisor advises you to behave appropriately.
The famous JFK statement "don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" - is engraved on a granite wall.
A few steps further up the hill are also buried Robert Francis Kennedy, Edward Moore Kennedy and Joseph P Kennedy.
A little below the hill you can read on a tombstone: Michael A. Musmanno. That was the main prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials.
Not many presidents of the United States are buried here - President Taft is also buried here.
We did not get to the grave of the Unknown Soldier or the grave site of those killed on the PAN AM 103 flight.
Even today, funerals of fallen Americans take place every day - but we were spared seeing that.
This Arlington Cemetery is a historic site - all those who have done their homeland are honored here. One should visit this place with appropriate reverence.

Our tip: Ask for an orientation map in the visitor center - this way you can find various memorials on your walk without a guide.

PS: We were reluctant to give an "excellent" rating on the rating scale, that was not appropriate for the location - so it remained at "satisfactory".