What is a typical meal in libya

Food & Drink - Libya

If you are on vacation in Libya, you should take the opportunity and try the Libyan cuisine. It corresponds to the North African cuisine and is based a lot on couscous dishes.

On the coast becomes the couscous usually fish served. In the Capital of Libya, Tripoli, it is surprisingly not that easy to get typical Libyan cuisine. Western-oriented restaurants are currently on the rise. Especially Italian influences are very present in Libya. In addition, there are more and more fast-food chains in Tripoli that do not have the usual names, but in principle have a very similar offer.

So if you are looking for good local food in Libya's capital, this is the place to go Markets go to the capital. There you will still find small food stalls where you can eat Libyan specialties. If you want to eat fresh fish, you are at the fish market (Hofra Market) just right. This is on the road to the airport (the road close to the beach) about five kilometers after the Green Square. Don't be put off by the look of the market, which is a bit shabby, the fish is fresh from the sea (even if it sometimes doesn't look like it).

You can at will fishes, Buy crabs or seafood and then have them prepared in one of the nearby restaurants. Even if you are Tourist in Libya usually pays more to prepare a dish (around US $ 15), so there is no way you will regret it - the meal is a real treat.

Drink in Libya

In Libya is alcohol officially banned. There is, however, a thriving black market where you can get everything from wine to beer to spirits. Remember, however, that buying and consuming alcohol is a punishable offense. So adapt to local customs, Fines compared to tourists are sometimes quite high.

The most widespread drink in Libya is certainly tea. Green and "red" tea are served in small cups everywhere. The tea is usually sweetened and mint is often added after eating.