You can recover deleted posts from Instagram

Instagram: Recover Deleted Posts

Denise Bergert

With the "Recently Deleted" overview on Instagram, users can bring back deleted posts.

EnlargeDeleted posts can be restored within 30 days.

Instagram wants to give its users more control over deleted content and limit the damage that hackers can do to a stolen account. To do this, the social network starts a new feature called "Recently Deleted". This new overview stores all posts, photos, videos, stories and IGTV videos for which the user clicked on "Delete" - similar to the "Recycle Bin" in Windows. Stories that have not been archived remain in this folder for 24 hours, all other content is stored here for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

All deleted posts can be restored before this 30-day period has expired. Posts deleted from the "Recently Deleted" folder will be permanently deleted. Users can access the new overview via the "Settings" menu item and the "Account" submenu. With the new function, Instagram not only wants to give users the opportunity to bring back deleted content on a whim, but also to give them better protection from hackers. If an Instagram account is taken over by a hacker, he can delete any amount of content. With "Recently Deleted" users would have the opportunity to save these deleted posts. An additional verification should now also provide better protection. Users must confirm that they are the rightful account owner before they can permanently delete content or restore it via "Recently Deleted".

According to current rumors, Instagram is also planning a new story view that is more oriented towards Reels and Tiktok. Here users should no longer only be able to navigate horizontally, but also vertically through the story posts. An official announcement from Instagram is still pending.