Can I live on porridge

Baby nutrition: everything to do with baby food

Just as babies learn to talk or walk, they also need to practice eating fixed meals. Because if you breastfed your baby or gave the bottle in the first few months of life, your mouth and tongue are still used to suckling. The tongue and mouth have to adjust to chewing movements.

For the first baby food you need:

  • a bowl of porridge,
  • a narrow, flat plastic spoon,
  • a bib,
  • a little puree made from easily digestible vegetables, for example carrots or parsnips
  • and a lot of patience.

Start by gradually replacing just one milk meal with a vegetable puree. Experience has shown that lunch is best for this. Give your baby some of the puree before breastfeeding or a bottle of milk - you will quickly notice how the new food is received.

If feeding the baby food works well, add a little potatoes and a small amount of rapeseed oil to the puree. Vitamins can be better absorbed by the oil. As the last ingredient, mix a little meat into the vegetable puree every day. The small body can absorb the iron contained in meat better than iron from vegetables or grains. Once or twice a week you can replace the meat with high-fat fish, for example salmon.

Once the first porridge has been replaced with a milk meal, you can gradually introduce further variants, for example porridge with cereals and milk or fruit.

Do you want to prepare the baby food yourself and would like more tips for the first food? Here you will find simple recipes for first complementary foods.