Is someone looking down on you

Someone treats you from above? You should know that about him

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"Get out of my way, I'm wearing expensive clothes." (Queue jumping)

"Just don't talk to me first, you little sausage, I'm hot and you are shit." (Contempt in view)

"Hey, waitress, you've got a tip of 50 cents here, but break it down nicely!" (Laughter)

Why does someone act so condescendingly, so arrogantly, as if we were standing below him?

He wants to think he's better
because he feels like something worse.

His cocky thoughts and actions should cover his wounded heart. The feeling of being somehow inferior is insufficient.

There would be no reason to devalue someone else if they were aware of their own worth. He wants to oppress others because he is suppressing something in himself.

It can start very early in life. Developmental psychologist Dr. Kristin Valentino examined children who were badly treated by their parents. When asked about their self-confidence, they gave themselves high scores. They also overestimated how great the other children thought they were. At the same time, they reacted much more negatively to their own reflection in experiments than did the other children. This was where their true self-image was revealed - and the gap between the great notes they spat and the sadly sad melodies that actually played deep within them.

These wounds and this discrepancy (-> arrogance) are dragged around by many even as adults.

Doesn't mean that we have to put up with everything or even always understand it.

But the fact is:

If someone behaves arrogantly to you, it has nothing to do with you.

In this way you can learn to differentiate yourself better

More on this in the myMONK book “How to stop taking things so personally”.

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Photo: Matteo Bagnoli

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