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Wurzburg (POW) Marie-Luise Marjan, known as “Mother Beimer” from the series “Lindenstrasse”, and Bishop em. Dr. Friedhelm Hofmann a friendship. Bishop Hofmann was also among the guests at the actress' birthday. She turned 80 on August 9. In the POW interview, Bishop Hofmann explains how long he has known Marjan and what he particularly appreciates about her.

POW: Mr. Bishop Hofmann, how did you get to know Marie-Luise Marjan?

Bishop em. Dr. Friedhelm Hofmann: I've known Ms. Marjan since the time I was an artist chaplain in Cologne. That was in the 1980s. At that time I was in contact with many different artists, including writers, architects, opera singers and actors. The contact has been maintained over the years. In addition, Ms. Marjan has a family in Würzburg. Once a year there is a big family reunion that I'm always there.

POW: What do you particularly like about Ms. Marjan?

Bishop Hofmann: On the one hand, as an actress, she brought across a credible image of the mother. As far as I know, she played 25 mother roles, not just mother Beimer in Lindenstrasse. On the other hand, she is extremely committed to society. She is committed to Unicef, the Maltese and Plan International. She supports girls all over the world so that they can attend school and study. She not only lives the pleasant side of her fame, but tirelessly supports other people. That always impressed me very much.

POW: How did you experience Ms. Marjan on her birthday?

Bishop Hofmann: She was radiant and still has a lot to do, like small roles and readings. She wanted me to come and bless her and the birthday party. That was her personal wish. She said, "Today we need the blessing more urgently than ever."

Interview: Kerstin Schmeiser-Weiß (POW)

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