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Understanding the Demat and Trading Account Relationship Some of the beginners to online stock trading do not understand the relationship between the Share Trading Account and the Demat Account. In this short article we will see the relationship between demat accounts. Trading account and your bank account. We will also see how many trading or demat accounts you can have in total. Below is a quick graph of where I've tried to give the flow when you buy a share. Click enlarge trading account. An account used to place orders to buy and sell stocks. The trading account is an interface between your bank account and your Demat account. When you buy something. Trading Account takes money from your bank account (it is already taken from your bank account and stored in the trading account) and buys stocks and stores it in your Demat account. When you sell something. Your trading account takes back the shares from your demat account and sells them in the stock exchange and gets the money back and that goes back to your bank account (actually manually manually on bank account from the trading account most of the time I know how many demat Account can be opened. Share this article with others. I had a DEMAT account with an institution at 2011. I haven8217t done any transaction and didn8217t closed the demat account. It is in deactivated status. I don8217t want to get the AMC for that same to pay. I want to know what the consequence will be if I don8217t close it and keep it that way. 1.Will the account be deleted as soon as it is idle 2.Do have to close the account Not interested pay any AMC and they don8217t have no ECS enabled for the charges this is a very specific query that you should just follow with the concerned authority.We will not be able to comment on anyone that knows how vi ele demat accounts & trading accounts one can open there is no limit i suspect i have recently closed my hdfc demat account. She informed me by email 8230I just want to know e trading account is also closed by taking out demat account I want to trade. Tell me what is the whole process of trading after opening the demat account if you can send us your phone. We can connect you with our trusted partner. Since I changed my residence status, ICICI suggested that I close the domestic trading account (keep the demat account active). With this ICICI can convert my home savings account into NGOs and open a new NRE account. I was told to now open PINS and Non-PINS accounts and link the domestic Demat account to the Non-PINS (NRO). When I look into the AMC for the PINS and Non-PINs, it's extremely expensive. I am no longer an active trader. 8211 That's why it is possible that I keep the Demat account active for a period of 8211 and open the PINSNON PINS if I want to sell these stocks, which can take a few years, and I will continue to do so later pay the AMC fees for the demat account with my operations, I have limited knowledge of this. Hence cant comment just 3 years ago i had open a trading ac with hdfc security i found retail to buy then no transaction in it to date. The hdfc is charged to me AMC in my hdfc related savings ac, the amount (around Rs.4000-) are more than my investment of stocks (Rs.1000- but market value is Rs.720-) in this particular trading ac. I want to close it but they would be charged amount in my saving ac. Amp say ur ac had the amount of dividend was deposited transaction in it what status of ac is an automatic operation in it so u haven8217t say this. We have the right to save ur related fees. Until you'd pay a charge to clear of these ac. Can I finish this switch without paying any AMC Can I change my bank account from hdfc to another without paying any fees Can I change my trading ac from hdfc to any others without paying AMC Pls. Lead me. When i save my ac to hdfc it tells me it is totally free amplifier 3in1 ac in zero balance save ac, dmat ac, amp trade ac. Now they have not allowed me to close all of these 3 ac until paying these fees. What should I do legally. Co-op with ur correct advice if you have not closed the demat account transaction fees will certainly be declined hi any body can join the research advice please tell me how was thair service please suggest they make a freeze or just one Glad service 1. I want to open DEMAT Ac & Trade ac. So who gives less brokerage and customer service and security 2. When I'm doing trade for 25k. How much broker paid for it (minampMax in the market) I would like to open the trading account and hand the account over to two different locations. Is it valid or is it a good option to have As in the demat account I am looking for security, while as a trading account I am looking for fee. So i thought let8217s open two different account please let me know your thoughts for the same. YES, you can do that, Hey, I'm Ishan. I am 23 years. I want to trade stocks and mutual funds. Please tell me the process. Please tell me difference between stocks and mutual funds please tell me the whole process of buying the stocks and MF. You need to open a Demat account first that I am new to investing, my age is 22. I want to open the Demat account that is more suitable I have known that ICICI Direct is a bit more expensive. Is the trading account required together with DEMAT account Is there an alternative where in one just has a Demat account and start investing through some mutual fund distributor or SEBI registered stock broker I ask because I want to invest in RGESS and don8217t want additional annual maintenance Pay fee charges for trading account. I saw that SK etc. opened free demat and trading account and started starting heavy maintenance costs from next year to keep the account open. Could you please tell where I can only open Demat account that is free from other hidden fees (annual fees etc). If you have any other good suggestions, please let us know. Hi sir i'm alok from sharekhan i hav the answer to your question. If you buy securities than it is imperative to have a demat and trading account while not in the future and option trading no need to hv a demat by just trading you can trade in this segment. Yes, we open denat and trading account absolutaly free of charge, if you want to know more about our procedure please contact me at 8130446223 alok kumar thanks to your wish, how you want to act. You can either trade directly with the online trading account or you can do it through an agent. As far as your concern about free demat and trading account is related, you can get them for free, but the companies charge annual maintenance fees for keeping your stocks and other investments in the account. If someone claims to offer free account they are totally flawed you. Yes, you can reduce the fees by choosing discount service brokers like My Value Trade. It gives you access to multiple banks and allows you to trade stocks, commodities, derivatives and mutual funds from the same account. After some research, you will know about Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA). One can open a BSDA account with any DPs and by law they cannot levy a levi annual maintenance fee for assets up to Rs 50,000. I've seen many DPs discourage or don8217t share any BSDA facility information to potential new customers. I opened my BSDA account with SBICaps. When I visited their Demat account manager, they were reluctant to open one or give an excuse, but after repeated persistence, they agreed. With this account there is no annual maintenance fee for trading up to Rs 50,000. If more than Rs 50,000 is traded then you have some annual fee plates. Anyway, my goal for RGESS was that allowed investment up to Rs50000 and it is well satisfied with that goal. Can this information be useful to someone. The largest equity e-broking house and the best equity broking house in the cash segment The 3-in-1 account is a joint offer from ICICI Bank Ltd. and I-Sec, trading account (maintained by I-Sec), bank account (with ICICI Bank AG) and the beneficiary's demat account (with ICICI Bank AG in its capacity as a custodian participant). Terms & Conditions: - Customers who trade with other brokers - Customers who have a DP account with more than zero value in their DP account - ICICI Bank customers under Silver, Gold or Titanium category If you are not in the above Category, you can still open your account 0- where this offer is only for employees. Initial account opening fees will be paid back against your referral in T1 month. T is the month to open the account. The minimum balance in your savings account will be subject to ICICI Bank discretion. Please note that by submitting the above information, you are entitled to call you, although you can be registered under DNC. DisclaimerSAS Online Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2017 Incorporated in 1995, SAS Online is an online discount brokerage company providing brokerage services for stocks, future and options, currency and commodities on NSE, BSE and MCX exchanges. SAS Online (South Asian Stocks Ltd) started their online discount brokerage business in April 2013 and currently they have 6000 clients spread across 570 cities in India. As of April 2015 they make a daily average sales of Rs 3500 Cr and contribute to one of the total Indian market sales. Like most discount brokers, brokerage services are offered to clients from 1 centralized office in Delhi. The way it is possible is by leveraging technology and, with it, saving on real estate, HR and other operational costs that are handed over to the client in the form of their deep discount brokerage plans. They have no account minimums or hidden costs, which translates into lower costs and hassle free trading. Special Offer: Zero Trading Account Opening Fees (Rs 200 waived) for a limited time. Get the offer. SAS online rating (by customers) You trade with SAS online rate, SAS online information about SAS online account opening, SAS online open account, SAS online opening fees, SAS online account opening fees. SAS Online Account Opening Status, SAS Online Account Fees, SAS Online Account Fees, SAS Onlines Trading Platforms A client can trade with SAS Online in two ways: NEST Trader - This is a fully functional trading terminal, the one fast execution of orders with real-time monitoring This easy-to-use terminal is available free of charge to all of its customers. Can trade all segments and exchanges on a single platform. Available in desktop, web and mobile versions. NOW Trader - Free software provided by NSE. Can trade equity (NSE BSE), derivatives, currency on the platform. Available in desktop, web and mobile versions. Find information about SAS Online Platform, SAS Online Trading Platform, SAS Online Trading Software, SAS Online Trading Demo, SAS Online Demo, SAS Online Download, SAS Online Software Download, SAS Online Software, SAS Online -Stop Loss, SAS Online Trading and SAS Online Trading Account Types SASOnline offers 4 different plans to suit your needs: Rs 9 per trade plan This SAS online trading plan offers trading at flat Rs 9 per trade regardless of the size of the trade. The brokerage is calculated as Rs 9 per job executed or 0.01 whichever is lower. Trading is available on BSE, NSE and MCX exchanges in the stocks, commodities and currency derivatives segments. This trading plan offers unlimited monthly trading in commodities on the MCX exchange for flat Rs 999 per month. Rs 999 Equity Plan This SASOnline plan offers unlimited trading in the stock segment for a flat Rs 999 per month. Trading under this plan is available at BSE Cash, NSE Cash and NSE FO Segment. Rs 499 Currency Plan This plan offers unlimited trading in the currency derivatives segment at NSE for flat Rs 499 per month. SAS Online Specials Get Free Brokerage Account (Rs 0 AC Opening Fee) Open online stock trading account with SAS Online for free. This is a limited time offer. Pay Rs Zero Account Opening Fees and Try the Cheapest Discount Stock Broker In India. Just leave your contact information with us and SASOnline representatives will be in touch. SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage, SAS Online Brokerage. SAS online money transfer, SAS online intraday brokerage, SAS online fees, SAS online fee list, SAS online fee calculator, SAS online prepaid brokerage plans, SAS online annual fees, SAS online fees, SAS online annual maintenance fee , SAS online option brokerage and SAS online trading fees. How to open an account with SAS Online In order to trade online with SAS Online, the investor must open an account. Below are the options for opening an account with SAS Online. Information on SAS Online Broker, SAS Online Offices, SAS Online Subdistributors, SAS Online Customer Service, SAS Online Customer Care, SAS Online User Guide, SAS Online User Guide, SAS Online Website, SAS Online Review and SAS Online Toll Free Contact SAS Online Inquiry Callback SAS Online Advantages and Disadvantages of SAS Online Advantages Margin versus stocks is available. Monthly unlimited trading plans for trading on NSE, BSE and MCX. Trading software including a website, mobile app and installable trading terminals are available free of charge. No minimum placement. SASOnline Referral Program helps its clients refer friends and earn 20 to 50 of the referral they paid. SAS Online Disadvantages SASOnline does not offer a 3-in-1 account as the company does not offer banking services. SASOnline does not offer an option to invest in IPO, FPO, Mutual Funds, FDs, NCDs and Offer For Sale (OFS). Call Trade is available at an additional Rs 20 per order executed. Margin funding is not available. Trading clients are not available for the Mac and Linux operating systems. Good Till Cankled (AGB) and Good Till DateTime (GTD) are not available in the equity segment. SAS back office is not integrated with trading portal terminal for real-time data. Most of the data is updated overnight. SAS Online Complaints at BSE NSE: Number of customers complain against SAS Online Share Broker. The SAS Online Consumer Complaints provide the summary of the complaint that went to exchange for resolution. SAS Online Consumer Complaints Number of active customers the broker or trading member has. As per SEBI guidelines every broker reports the newly added clients to the exchange, although the process has a unique client code (ucc). The information on this page is provided by the exchange. The total number of complaints against the broker at the specified exchange obtained Useful links to SAS Online Contact SAS Online to trade Demat Account. Office address. 3rd Floor, Building No. 5, Local Shopping Mall, Rishabh Vihar, Near Karkarduma Metro Station, East Delhi 110092 SASOnline Milestones Journey by SASOnline Discount Broker SAS Started with Discount Brokerage Services SAS Reached First 1000 Customers SAS Reached 2500 Customers . Team size of 15 people who treat customers. SAS started commodity trading at MCX SAS reached 6000 customers. Team size increased to 35. SAS started with Zero AMC Demat Accounts SAS's Daily Sales reached Rs 4000 Cr with over 40,000 trading orders placed every day. 41.1. AMIT KHURANA Nov 29, 2016 1:38:18 PM IS reader, because of the careless mistake for SAS online. Where they haven't updated my account shared with them the first week for October despite multiple emails. Ac was not updated for my DP below dividends not credited to my account This is unprofessional and very carefree from SAS online. My estimate for my loss of around 250000 due to the same for below dividends that are not credited to my account. Please help on the same so that it is resolved. I don't want to track companies for errors from SAS online so ideally SAS online should help or credit from his own account .. I don't pay for mediation and services due to this nature f error.Dividend scripts are as follows: Hexaware Tech Interim 50 25-10-2016 07-11-2016 04-11-2016 Granules India Interim 20 25-10-2016 05-11-2016 03-11-2016 SQS India BFSI Interim 40 21-10-2016 04-11-2016 03-11-2016 Indiabulls Hsg Interim 450 21-10-2016 03-11-2016 02-11-2016 Mindtree Interim Report 30 30-09-2016 01-11-2016 28-10 - 2016 TCS Interim 650 13-10-2016 25-10-2016 24-10-2016 Infosys Interim 220 16-09-2016 24-10-2016 21-10-2016 WTF. I've already sent all of my account opening documents. It's my mistake that I haven't been through yet. I was only attracted by their referral rate. When I don't get a satisfactory result. I will not entertain them. SAS is the worst broker I have ever come across. They just happen to disable trading in each scrip without informing you. Some IPOs are allowed to be pre-traded, some are not, and there is no way of knowing what they will do next. They are just whimsical. When you call customer care they act like they are the kings of the world and the answer I got from a senior rep was your money. I really suggest going with any other broker, but SAS. I trade in currency fees wise its excellent customer service excellent brokerage - excellent account maintenance fees - excellent website usability - excellent customer service - excellent overall experience - excellent very cost effective. Customer service is great. Website is bad. Much information comes as a surprise when used. For example, if you need to transfer money from your bank to the trading account via IMPS, you need to share your transaction details with SAS, where for NEFT its unneeded brokerage - Excellent account maintenance fees - Excellent website usability - Average customer service - Excellent overall experience - Above AverageOpen an online demat - Trading Account in 15 Minutes Frequently Asked Questions 1) Why should I open a Demat and Trading Account with Motilal Oswal There are tons of reasons to be connected to Motilal Oswal for all of your investment needs. Some of them are given below: Award winning actionable research that is trusted by over 9 lakh clients and 200 institutional investors. Customized trade investment strategies across investor profiles and time horizons Superior leverage products to maximize your holdings Wide range of investment products such as Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds and more One of the best in the industry trading platforms with DesktopWebMobileCall-N-Trade Options 2) Am I eligible to open one Demat and Trading Account Any single resident of India, HUF NRI, proprietary firm, partnership or business can open a Demat and Trading Account with Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL). 3) How do I open a demat and trading account with Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL) There are 4 Power Packed ways to open a demat and trading account with MOSL. Open a paperless online ac Visit motilaloswal Click Open Account Fill in your basic details. Click Submit to start the account opening process For any questions call us on 022-62126600 or 022-62126666 If you want our representative to call you just SMS MOSL INFO to 575753 If you want to visit our representative visit motilaloswal Click on Account open up fill in your basic details. Click Send Representative. Go to one of our branches. 5) What is Aadhaar Number It is a 12-digit unique identification number that stores demographic and biometric information of the resident with the photo issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the Government of India. Aadhaar serves as proof of identity and address all over India. Aadhaar number is a 12-digit unique identification number that never begins with 0 and 1. The last digit of the aadhaar number is a checksum. 6) What is Aadhaar Authentication KYC It is an electronic way to use real-time KYC of a customer using authenticated information as it is available in your Aadhaar Card. The customer must provide his Aadhaar number and biometricsOTP. It enables an organization to obtain an electronic copy of the customer's identity, i. H. Photo, signatures and address details, as they are in the UIDAI database, agree with the customer. 7) Who All Can Open Paperless Ac All Resident Individuals Who Have a Valid Aadhaar ID Latest Address Details Updated in Aadhaar Online Banking Access (either via Net Banking or Debit Card) Active Aadhaar Linked Cell Phone Number or Email ID for a Time password verification webcam activated laptop desktop 8) How can I open the Paperless account? Paperless Ac opening is facilitated by valid Aadhaar ID. How to get started: Click the motilaloswalopen-an-accountopen-an-account link. aspx, Alternatively visit our website motilaloswal and click on Open Account Get started by filling out the registration form You will be redirected to Account Opening Form, Once your registration is complete, snapshot of the Ac opening process Please enter your PAN number for your identity verification from the PAN website. Enter your Aadhaar ID with a one-time password that is mapped by UIDAI to your Aadhaar Mobile No. Email ID Through Aadhaar validation you get your Aadhaar-shown personal data, address data, photo signatures from the UIDAI database and on the Online account opening form. These details are authenticated and meet our KYC requirements. Fill in the rest of the details from Transfer Funds Online with Net Banking or Debit Card Complete your verification process Invite the required documents. Track your E-sign Initiate the personal verification by the web camera YOUR ACCOUNT IS ACTIVATED AND IT CAN BE OPERATED 9) Can I use the mobile number or email ID other than the one registered with Aadhaar to open the account You need Aadhaar, the Mobile Nr. Or Email ID for a one-time password verification, but for MOSL communication you can provide a different mobile phone number or Email ID or both. 10) How can I view my details pictured in Aadhaar 12.) If I need to submit a document to open the paperless account, you do not need to submit any physical documents, but to complete KYC formalities you need to use the following soft copies PAN- Upload card (customer photo must be clearly visible in the soft copy) Pre-printed canceled check - client name should be pre-printed on the check Proof of income (if selected for the derivatives segment) 13) What is eSign E-mark refers to the electronic signatures or digital signatures . An account registration form must be authenticated and can only be edited after it has been signed by the customer. As part of the paperless account opening, we get the customer's digital signatures, which are updated in Aadhaar and apply electronically to authenticate the paperless Ac opening form. The E-mark is triggered when the online account opening form is filled out and is validated after a one-time password check by the customer. 14) What is IPV (In Person Verification) In person verification refers to the confirmation of the physical existence of the person opening account with us, which is mandatory as required by SEBI. Since there is no face-to-face interaction in paperless account opening, IPV is done through real-time video recording of the customer via web camera. 15) How long will it take to activate the account? As soon as the customer completes the in-person verification process, the account is activated immediately and the customer can be sent to the client with the client code password. 16) Is the username the same as my trading code no. Your trading code is different from your username. The username provided to you can be used to access the online account opening. Trading code will be sent to you separately after the account opening process has been completed. 17) Why do I need to transfer funds online before opening the account. The transfer is only an acknowledgment of your interest in opening the account. Upon activation of the account, this TOTAL AMOUNT would be credited to your account. What's more, you can also use the ENTIRE AMOUNT for trading. THERE ARE NO DEDUCTIONS ALL OF THE MEDIA YOU TRANSFER. 18) I am not convenient to transfer money online We want to assure you that our payment gateway for internet banking is completely safe and secure, there are more than 7 lakhs customers with us who use this possibility several times a day to get money for to transmit the trade. 19) Can I choose the amount for online payment? Yes. There are 4 online payment systems available. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. 20) Can I act immediately after payment. Your account will be activated almost immediately after you upload the proofs and complete the in-person verification process. 21) If I decide not to open an account with you, if you choose not to open an account after submitting the funds to us, if I can get a refund, please request a refund by contacting our Customer Service Department at Call 022-39982515 or email querymotilaloswal with your transaction number. We look forward to your ENTIRE MONEY. 22) Which banks can I use to transfer money? We have connected with over 63 banks to make transferring money convenient for you. You can transfer funds through any of the 63 banks mentioned in the link below: Link to 63 banks. 23) When will the payment be credited to my account?