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India's best travel time - North India


North India is a vast region and can be compared to a country. Rajasthan alone is almost as big as Germany. Therefore, the climate is extremely different from one place to another. Here we give you the three most important tips India's best travel time:

A dry season

The best travel time for North India is of October to March and it is considered right to go to India. Even if it will be a little cooler in the northern plains (Rajasthan, Delhi, etc.), you will not be able to stand the hot summer. You have to expect the occasional, very thick mist. For bookings during this season this must be done in advance. (especially for the end of the year).

A hot season

This travel time is not that best travel time in India. Of April to June the high temperatures arrive. They can rise to over 45 ° C. It is therefore not recommended to travel at this time of year, but it is always possible to visit the north. All you need to do is take a break during the hottest hours. If you are traveling to North India at this time, we strongly advise you to take a driver and air-conditioned hotels to withstand the hot weather.

However, this is the best time to visit the sublime tea plantations of Darjeeling: you'll be enjoying the weather in the hills. For further questions, please contact the travel experts.

A rainy season

Of July to September it's raining in the torrent. These heavy rains do not drastically reduce the heat. You will be warm, but you will sweat a lot because of the high humidity. This period is not that either best travel time in India.

Precipitation is particularly important in the northeast of the country. But Varanasi also has a lot of charm under water streams.

The rain has many advantages: it beautifies the landscape, washes the trees with dust. There are also fewer travelers and so prices are reduced. Be careful though: at this point the national parks are closed.

When to go to South India

South India is also a very large region. The best travel time for South IndiaVisiting tropical South India is during the winter months. But even then, there are some regional differences that you should be aware of.

“Peak season is from December to March when the climate is most pleasant. "

The best time to travel to India to discover the south is in Kerala. At that time it is dry and the Daytime temperature is between 22 and 30 ° C. The mountain stations, such as Munnar, are cooler and you will need a sweater or jacket in the morning and evening.

High temperatures and humidity start off Late March to June. The monsoon rains fall from May until October in Kerala and on the east coast of Tamil Nadu they extend until November, the wettest month, although it is best to bring an umbrella and be prepared for the shower at all times.

Ayurveda in the rainy season

Ayurvedic health treatments are said to be most effective during the monsoons, as the pores widen at this time and the Ayurvedic cure can thus be better absorbed.

Mysore in Karnataka celebrates that Festival of Dussehra in the Octoberby illuminating the whole city - an absolutely magical time to visit India.

As a summary:

Most regions in India are best to travel in the winter months.

North India: October - March
Western coast of South India: October - February
South Indian East Coast: November and April

Ladakh - Indian Himalayas: May / June - September

North or South India travel

If you have ideas for things to do in South India and would like to plan and book your India tour, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.