Who is a bad teacher or student

Book author defends herself against bad teachers "Many teachers are incapable, lame and listless"

Are teachers really that bad?

They are not necessarily malicious, but many of them are incapable. There has to be a jolt through German teachers' rooms. Teachers may have intellectual abilities, but their lameness, sloppiness, and listlessness are often harrowing. Many teachers hardly know their students, are pedagogically overwhelmed and hardly able to work under pressure. In the free economy they would not survive long with their attitude to work.

Oops, you're not exactly squeamish ...

Of course there are many teachers who do their job very well. Nor is there any evidence that incompetent teachers are more common than incompetent butchers, politicians, or managers. But the problem is: if a butcher sells bad goods, he goes broke. A bad politician can be voted out of office, a manager can be fired. A bad teacher, on the other hand, teaches unmolested until retirement, to the detriment of the students and to the annoyance of the parents.

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What are the consequences for our children?

School is a central part of our children's lives. Much depends on her for her. If students sit unmotivated in class, do not understand the subject matter, this inevitably affects their performance and their desire to learn. It then goes on all the way home, where parents annoyed do their homework with the children, have to explain the material and spend hours studying with them. That stresses, leads to arguments and burdens many families.

We like to blame the teacher when things don't go well at school. But doesn't it affect the entire education system?

That’s certainly true. But studies confirm that student performance is influenced less by external factors such as the type of school or class size, but primarily by the skills of the individual educators. A teacher is not just about specialist knowledge, but about the joy and ability to impart this knowledge to children and young people, and ideally even to inspire them. However, many teachers lack the drive and educational and didactic interest.

How do you recognize bad teachers?

They just lack energy. They only do their job with the handbrake on and with a built-in right to suffering and being overwhelmed. They constantly complain about how stressful their job is. They really believe that they work extremely hard. If parents still have questions about choosing a foreign language after the information evening, that's asking too much. No class fee will be prepared for the open house. If the summer party, information evening or school trip cannot be compensated with morning hours, overtime is noted immediately. And they don't reveal their cell phone number either - for fear of annoying parents. But they should be happy when parents get involved and take an interest in their children's school life.

Normally yes, but we parents can be quite, let's say, exhausting ...

Absolutely. There are self-centered parents who claim the teacher's full attention to their child. There are parents who meddle insistently in the curriculum. And those who consider their unfocused child to be gifted and threaten to see a lawyer right away should not make it to high school. Many parents complain about the arrogance of the teachers and contribute even difficult children. These are certainly great challenges, but a teacher should be able to cope with them and face them with self-confidence and strength.

However, you don't learn that in your studies ...

That's the problem. The field of education and psychology is neglected in the training. But just as important is: If you want to become a teacher, you should like children, have an eye for their sensitivities and really enjoy their job. And you can't learn that.

Don't we dump parents a little bit on the teachers? They should ensure top grades, always be in a good mood and raise our children in our best interests ...