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Legal self-defense weapons in comparison

Legal self-defense weapons are increasingly in demand these days. Not everyone can defend themselves verbally or with their own physical strength in a self-defense situation. Most perpetrators seek out victims who can be expected to have little resistance. Legal self-defense weapons thus create a balance against a stronger or even several opponents.

Legal self-defense weapons in comparison

There are various legal weapons for self-defense, but not all are suitable for everyone or may be carried in public places. Some can be used intuitively, others require tests or regular practice. The following is an overview of common defense weapons that are used by the police, ordinary people or security forces:

Legal weapons for self-defense in detail

The word “legal” is ambiguous at this point. For example, there are legal weapons that can only be purchased from the age of 18. Others, on the other hand, can be legally acquired from the age of 14, but they may not be officially used for self-defense. A classic example of this is the so-called animal repellent spray, which is known colloquially as pepper spray.

There are also legal self-defense weapons that are not allowed to be used or carried in public places. These are then only useful for home defense. Further information is available from the individual defense weapons.

CS gas

is a colorless, crystalline compound used as a tear irritant. It is also widely known as tear gas. Mostly it is used as a means of fighting civil unrest. According to an international treaty on chemical weapons, their use in war zones is prohibited. CS Gas is used in this country in alarm firing or compressed air weapons.

But there are small spray cans for self-defense. In Germany, in deviation from the other provisions of the Weapons Act, irritant spray devices can also be used by young people aged 14 and over. Gas pistols can only be bought from the age of 18. But if you want to carry gas pistols in public, you need a small gun license.

They are not very suitable for repelling dogs due to their low concentration. The more effective pepper spray is better suited for this. You can find more CS gases on Amazon here.

pepper spray

When you think of legal self-defense weapons, pepper spray comes to mind. But it is not a legal self-defense weapon in Germany or other European countries! Pepper spray can legally be bought from 14 years of age, but only as an animal repellent spray.

Top 3 pepper spray bestsellers

Here you can find a list of the best pepper sprays.

Pepper spray gun

Pepper spray guns have a similar effect as the pepper spray. Due to the corresponding gun mechanism, greater ranges of up to 7 meters are possible. The Guardian Angel II pepper spray gun was developed by Piexon. A well-known brand when it comes to self-defense items.

You can fire the self-defense pistol twice because it reloads automatically. There are variants that are operated with gas generators. This creates an extremely high pressure. This enables a jet speed of up to 180km / h. The pistol-like shape can also act as a deterrent in advance.

But here you have to be careful that you are not interpreted as a perpetrator by the police if the gun is apparently drawn.

Stun gun

Stun guns emit a high current pulse, which incapacitates the attacker. They can also be acquired in Germany from the age of 18. As has been shown in various tests, stun guns are rather unsuitable for self-defense purposes. Securing a stun gun is an obstacle in an emergency. Furthermore, the batteries can discharge over time and therefore have to be serviced more often. Handling the device also requires some practice.

Top 3 stun gun bestsellers

Kubotan / Tactical Pen

A kubotan is a small stick / stick, usually made of metal. A Kubotan is similar to a ballpoint pen and is therefore often referred to as a “tactical pen”. This self-defense stick can be worn inconspicuously as a key ring and supports your own impact. Thus, a Kubotan is only suitable for self-defense purposes in the absolute close range.

Top 3 CS Kubotan bestsellers

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There are a lot of cheap Kubotans, in different colors and shapes. Here is a list of the best of the Kubotan.

Tactical flashlights

Tactical flashlights are not only conventional utensils for lighting in the dark, but also offer you several advantages in self-defense. We have written you a detailed report: Tactical flashlights for self-defense. Here are a few advantages in brief. The lights are similar in shape and size to a Kubotan. In this respect it stands to reason that the tactical lamps can also be used as a striking tool for SV.

But they also offer an advantage without any physical violence. The potential attacker can suddenly be blinded. This leads to disorientation, especially in the dark, because the eyes first have to get used to the difference in brightness. This short time phase can be used to escape or attack. We always recommend the escape route, if possible. With the strobe mode this glare effect is even increased. The tactical flashlights have an extremely high number of lumens, so that you can shine 100 meters away without any problems. Also an advantage on the way home if you have an eye on your surroundings.

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A baton is certainly very effective and can seriously injure the attacker. The baton is rather unsuitable as a self-defense weapon. The acquisition of a baton is allowed from the age of majority (18 years), but carrying it in public places is prohibited! Thus, the baton is only suitable for self-defense in the home.


A tonfa is a Japanese baton with an additional cross handle. This is mostly used by police units. The Tonfa can be used flexibly as a defense weapon. But similar to the regular baton, it is forbidden to take it with you in public places. It even falls under Section 42a of the Weapons Act.

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Quartz sand gloves

Quartz sand gloves are often used by bouncers in the security scene. Although they are referred to as impact-enhancing gloves, they are more likely to protect the hand. The force of your own blow is dampened so that the risk of injuring your own hand is reduced. In addition, the quartz sand gloves offer good protection against knife attacks or other cutting weapons. In the article Buying quartz sand gloves, we report in detail about the advantages and legal aspects of quartz gloves.

Top 3 quartz sand gloves bestsellers

Compare more quartz sand gloves on Amazon

Shrill alarm / pocket alarm

A shrill alarm, also known as a pocket alarm, is a passive “self-defense weapon”. When the pocket alarm is triggered, a very loud, high-pitched tone sounds, which on the one hand scares off the attacker and on the other hand alerts help. It can be compared to a mobile alarm system.

The volume of the pocket alarm goes up to 120DB! It's as loud as a jet taking off. This extreme volume scares off an attacker. You yourself are also affected, but you have the surprise effect on your own side. Further information is available in the separate article: Everything about the shrill alarm for self-defense.

The shrill alarm recently received increased media attention. The hashtag # 120db has been circulating on social media quite often. The background was the outcry by right-wing feminists against “imported violence”. They released a video entitled “Women fight back! # 120db - The Daughters of Europe ”. Under the pretext of protecting women and their women's rights, the video was used to incite against immigrants.

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