How can I see private photos

This trick allows you to see private photos from Facebook

Often times we are tagged on Facebook photos that we are terrible on and since we don't want to see them, we decided to hide them from the bio. But where is this picture? It is clear that every user can see it even though we hide it because it was hidden but not deleted . The same goes for a label that is pending approval. This is how Facebook works. This article will teach you how to see private Facebook photos :

How to see private photos on Facebook

Whether for your safety or to see photos from other users, This tutorial will show you how to view private photos on Facebook . And often hide we Photos of biography, in which we go out very badly that no one sees them, but the special thing is that these photos can see them right away. How can this be possible? We see it

How can I see private photos from Facebook? Through the Facebook Search engine . To search for a photo belonging to a specific user, just enter "Photos By" and then the name of the user . When we do this search we can see all the photos of the user, even the ones he hid in the bio, so we can see his private Facebook photos.

Note, however, that You must see all the photos that we are friends of have to. Otherwise, it will only show the photos that you showed in a certain location to the public or depending on the privacy of the other user, as this could also work if the user has been tagged a friend It all depends on privacy .

How do I protect my photos?

It is clear that with this method everyone can see our private facebook photos can. So it is important that we protect ourselves. To make sure you can't find the photos you want, remove the label from the photo as we are no longer associated with this photo.

It is ideal that Privacy settings adjust to control everything that happens in the timeline and annotation. When we call it "just me" we will set a very restrictive privacy policy and only we will see it. Remember to visit this option to avoid surprises.

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