What is the ONGC Recruitment Process

Amoria Bond - Interview Presentation Print

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Amoria bond - Interview presentation print


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Daniel Lowe

What is recruitment?
A direct sales role in which the consultant acts as the professional intermediary between candidates and clients, selling them to one another

What does a recruitment consultant do?

Day to day tasks of a recruitment consultant include: - Resourcing - Headhunting - Effective questioning - Advertising positions online - Screening, selecting and preparing suitable candidates - Generating new business (cold calling) - Maintaining existing client relationships - Closing deals - Negotiating Salaries

What makes a good consultant?

Entrepreneuri al Resilience Tenacious


Characteristic s


Money Motivated



Why me?
I have worked from the bottom up to become the top verbal telesales person within my current position within 6 months! And have been awarded top verbal telesales person for months October, December and January During my last working week I managed to achieve 50% more sales in 4 days than any of my peers managed in 5! I held down full time hours throughout my final year studies at university and achieved my target grade! During my time at university I was given the responsibility for planning and management of Freshers week of my second year When I was 16 I started a business that turned over 1000 for a net profit of 800 in 2 weeks! I self taught myself to play the guitar!

What challenges will I encounter?

Industry Knowledge Unpredictable behavior of candidates

Generating new business (building up my desk)

Deals that fall through after a lot of time and effort rejection

how will I overcome these challenges?

Take work home I currently spend a lot of time researching what products and services my competitors are offering to give me the best knowledge of my current industry and the edge over my colleagues. Ask plenty of questions to draw as much experience from established colleagues as possible Subscribe to industry relevant publications to ensure my market knowledge is always up to date Current practice of this allowed me to find out about Oranges 4% price increase before many of my potential customers giving my sales pitch an additional edge Work harder and longer to give me an edge on my peers Use social networking to source the best previously inaccessible candidates Be incredibly competitive and maintain a positive mental attitude Engage with the training program and make a commitment to continuing my professional development throughout my career

What makes an effective manager?

Leading by example Effective time management Effective communication and the ability to empathize with team members Motivation and drive Ability to provide constructive criticism, praise and feedback

After 6 months: you could expect

To have established myself within the team Have become a market specialist with established contacts and unparalleled industry knowledge

To be exceeding KPIs and consistently improving upon personal goals and targets

After 18 months: you could expect

To have cleared the 6 figure salary To be managing a team or office To be well respected within both Amoria Bond and within the industry To be a strong candidate for further promotional opportunities and career