Why is Ireland so safe

9 reasons why you should definitely visit Ireland!

Take a deep breath, let your gaze slide over the horizon, listen to the waves crashing against the steep rock face of the cliffs several hundred meters below you and watch your everyday life as it dissolves into thin air - that's freedom, that's Ireland!

The small island in the Atlantic is a special place that takes you very far away despite a distance of only a few hours by flight. In addition to endless green fields, untouched nature and a spectacular coastal landscape, the Irish await you with a lot of cosiness, humor and a pub culture in which you feel comfortable from the first minute!

If that hasn't convinced you to book a flight to Ireland right away, there is now 9 reasons why a trip to the Emerald Isle is always a good idea!

9 reasons why you should definitely visit Ireland!

1. The landscape

Ireland is roughly the size of Bavaria in terms of area. However, the small country has an incredible amount of variety to offer when it comes to nature.

A beautiful wild coast

The Irish coast is an absolute highlight! No matter which corner of the island you end up in, you are never more than a 4 hour drive from the sea. In the north is definitely one of them a trip to the cliffs of Slieve League in west Donegal is on your list. With a height of up to 601 meters, the view is from the highest sea cliffs in Europe the hammer!

A lot of thrills await you on the One Man's Path, which leads you along the level of the cliffs and is sometimes only 50 centimeters wide! Further south, the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare and the Cliffs of Kilkee in County Kerry are well worth a hike.

Lonely sandy beaches like in the Caribbean

In addition to steep cliffs, you will also find some beautiful sandy beaches on the Irish coast that you would certainly not have expected in Ireland. Inchydoney Beach in the southwest of County Cork is reminiscent of Spain or Portugal with its fine white sand and the palm trees that grow on the waterfront and you would also expect the extensive surfer hotspot Inch Beach in Kerry with the sand dunes and the stark blue water somewhere in the south.

Especially along the Wild Atlantic Way there is one beautiful beach after the other. It is often worthwhile to turn off the main road and follow the small dirt road-like roads towards the sea. At the end of these streets you will often find lonely little bays, which are perfect, especially in summer, to simply switch off!

Mountain ranges and nature reserves that invite you to go hiking

However, Ireland can do more than just beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs! Are you for your hikes some great mountain ranges and nature reserves to disposal. Carrauntoohil in the southwest of County Kerry is the highest peak on the island at 1,038 meters and is worth the climb for that alone. The view over the surrounding valleys and hills, which glow in hundreds of different shades of green, is awesome!

Also in the southwest are the Caha Mountains, which seem to jut out of the Atlantic near Glengarriff. The mountain lake Barley Lake is particularly cool, where you completely turn your back on civilization and immerse yourself fully in the nature of the country - the perfect place for wild camping! When it comes to hikingand mountains, the Wicklow Mountains in the county of the same name, the Twelve Bens in Connemara National Park and Ben Bulben - Ireland's only table mountain - should not be missing on your list!

2. The wild animals

Have you always wanted to sit in a kayak and paddle around with whales, dolphins, sharks or seals? Then you have plenty of opportunity in Ireland! The Atlantic coast of the Emerald Isle is one of the best places in Europe to spot fin whales, humpback whales, dolphins, basking sharks and, depending on the season, even orcas!

Whales, Dolphins, Sharks and Seals!

Whale watching tours are particularly successful in the autumn and winter months. You almost have a guarantee that you will see at least one dolphin in Dingle Baythat the wild dolphin Fungie made his permanent home in the 80s. A kayak tour is worthwhile here, on which you can get closer to the fascinating marine mammal than in any other boat! Seals can be seen on the sandbars and rocks off the Irish coast for most of the year, often from land!

450 different bird species

The the animal highlights of the island, however, are the 450 different bird specieswho are either at home in Ireland or who use the island's pristine nature as a breeding ground every year. On the west coast at the Cliffs of Moher, Skelliks and Rathlin Island you have the opportunity to watch the endangered puffins with their colorful beaks in spring and summer. With a bit of luck, you might even see a sea eagle in Killarney National Park - Seeing the giant bird of prey live with a wingspan of up to 2.4 meters is a brilliant experience! On your trip you also have the chance to observe barn owls, golden eagles, comorans, wild geese and many other fascinating birds. You can find more information on Bird Watch Ireland.

3. The adventures

Ireland is the only adventure playground and therefore the perfect travel destination for you as an adventure junkie! Especially on the west coast you can let off steam along the Wild Atlantic Way with surfing and kitesurfing, cliff face and sea stack climbing! A kayak tour that brings you up to eye level with fascinating sea creatures such as dolphins and seals is particularly cool. In some places you can even explore Ireland by kayak at night - awesome! And for a real adrenaline rush, a gallop on one of the endless sandy beaches should be on your list!

However, adventures are not only waiting on the coast: The many national parks and nature reserves in the interior are perfect for discovering the landscape on a multi-day hike! You can get a dose of thrill from river tubing, climbing, abseiling, mountain biking or caving! Ireland is a country that will convince you when it comes to adventure despite its compact size!

4. The sweet, colorful towns and villages

You will look in vain for skyscrapers, prefabricated buildings and a real big city feeling on the Atlantic island. Even the capital Dublin is rather tranquil compared to other European capitals. However, that's exactly what makes Ireland so special!

The cities are small, the houses are colorful and the people are happy about every visitor. The small fishing villages along the coast in particular have a unique charm. Life mostly takes place on a single main street lined with colorful shop fronts. This is where pubs, restaurants and cafes are lined up alongside small shops where you can find loads of cool and bizarre things. In the spring and summer months, the owners polish the facades of their shops with what feels like a thousand flower boxes and thus conjure up a very special atmosphere!

Westport, Dingle, Killarney and Kinsale on the west coast and Carlingford, Howth and Dalkey in the east are particularly quaint, Irish and beautiful!

5. The best fish and chips

One thing shouldn't be missing on your trip across the green island: Fish & Chips! As one of the national dishes of the Irish, the fried fish with french fries is offered almost everywhere.

It's especially delicious in The Fishbox restaurant in Dingle, at Leo Burdock in Dublin, at Beshoff Bros in Howth and in the pub at Inchydoney Lodge in Clonakilty!

The general rule: The closer you are to the coast, the fresher and better the fish will taste. When you add homemade chips to your plate, hardly anything can go wrong! If you order your fish and chips to take away, don't be surprised if your food is simply rolled up in paper: this is a popular tradition - old newspaper was used for this in the past!

6. Perfect for a road trip

As soon as you land on the Emerald Isle, it certainly won't stay in one place for long! The landscape is so diverse and thanks to the handy size the journeys are relatively short, so that a road trip in Ireland is almost a must.

You can either rent a car at the airport or even rent a camper in some areas, or Arrive with your own car thanks to various ferry connections via France or England. If you don't feel like planning your route yourself, there are plenty all over the island various signposted routes that lead you past the most beautiful and spectacular natural highlights!

Right at the top is the Wild Atlantic Way, which takes you over 2,500 kilometers along the entire Atlantic coast of the island. You should plan at least two weeks for the entire route! However, there are numerous shorter routes on the Wild Atlantic Way, which are perfect for a day trip and still inspire you with their landscape!

These include the Causeway Coastal Route in Co. Antrim in the north and Slea Head Drive on the west coast in Dingle, as well as the Skyroad in Clifden and the Ring of Kerry in Killarney. In the east and inland of the island, the Boyne Valley Scenic Drive in County Meath and the Copper Coast Drive in the south are worthwhile!

Tip: When planning your trip, you should plan shorter stages on the first two days so that you can get used to left-hand traffic in peace!

7. The location and the climate

Many German airports offer direct flights to Dublin, which will take you directly to your adventure on the small Atlantic island within 2 hours. You also have the option of arriving by car and ferry, but you should plan two more days for this.

The island is divided into two parts: The counties in the south and north-west of the island belong to the Republic of Ireland, which in turn is part of the EU. That means: Here you can pay with euros! However, as soon as your way leads you to the north-east of Northern Ireland, you have to exchange your euros for British pounds, because the six counties around Belfast belong to Great Britain.

Thanks to the passing Gulf Stream, the climate in Ireland is very mild all year round: In summer it rarely gets warmer than 25 degrees, but in winter temperatures only fall more than a few degrees below freezing point in individual cases. The moderate temperatures and the relatively frequent rainfall ensure that Ireland shines in so many different shades of green and that even palm trees grow here!

By the way: Because of the high humidity, the actual temperatures will feel more extreme. Means: 20 degrees in Ireland feels like 25 degrees in Germany and at 0 degrees on the island you will freeze just as you might at -5 degrees in your home country.

8. The sunsets

Sunsets have goose bumps almost anywhere in the world! When the sky over Ireland shines in bright red, orange or pink tones, you suddenly understand why people here believe in fairies, goblins and magic!

Due to the high location in the northern hemisphere, the sunsets stretch out comfortably in the summer months. In June it only gets really dark shortly before 11 a.m. - perfect for a small (pre-) midnight picnic at one of the coolest sunset spots on the island!

The sun sets particularly spectacularly on the coast: cliffs, beach, sea and golden light - it couldn't be better! The Cliffs of Moher are not only less crowded at sunset, but are lit by the setting sun in such a way that it looks like they are on fire! In Donegal, the landscape around Gweedore was even named after its golden hour appearance. No wonder, because especially in winter the Bloody Foreland is partially bathed in a deep blood-red light at sunset!

To the north, the sunset at Giant's Causeway and White Park Bay in County Antrim is worth it. Further south, the evening sky over Galley Head Lighthouse in County Cork and Dursey Island is on your list. In the capital, the port with its many bridges and striking buildings offers the perfect backdrop for an impressive sunset!

9. The people & the pub culture

As soon as you get off the plane in Ireland, you should say goodbye to your German internal clock. The fact is: everything is a little slower on the island! On the street and in the shops, people not only mumble “Hello!” But also take time for real contacts and conversations.

As a traveler, the Irish meet you with friendliness and an interest in you, your homeland and your travel plans, like in almost no other European country. The Irish are proud of their country and happy about everyone who shares this enthusiasm with them! What you will immediately notice in your conversations with the locals on the island is the black humor. No matter what you talk to the Irish about, a joke will always work! It is not uncommon for this to be at your expense - the only thing that helps is participation and above all: laughing along!

The Irish pub culture is known all over the world. The typical restaurants are not only found in the towns and villages, but in every little town. It is not uncommon for you to come across an inn in the middle of nowhere, because the public house is a second home for the Irish! Here important decisions are made, discussions are held, stories are told, news exchanged and friendships are made! There is no other place in Ireland where you can get closer to the pulse of these friendly people than in a pub!

An adventure in Ireland is always a good idea

A trip to the green island is almost like a trip to a completely different world: A world in which the grass is greener, the days are longer and the time is completely irrelevant!

Great nature awaits you in the smallest of spaces! Impressive cliffs, lonely beaches and wide hillsthat take your breath away Adventures that bring you up close to whales, dolphins and seals, take you to the highest peak in the country and to the edge of Europe's steepest sea cliffs. And people who will take you in their midst with open arms, a hint of black humor and a lot of looseness and ensure that your first adventure in Ireland is definitely not your last!

Are you going to the green island soon? What are you looking forward to the most?

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland for supporting this trip! Our opinion and type of reporting remain unaffected.