Most women like to wear tights

Do you like to wear tights?

I know that most women like to wear tights. I always find them totally uncomfortable and don't know what other people think about them. Do you also like to wear tights and if so, for what reasons?

Who is more turned on now? Perhaps Holger, when he sees the shapely legs of a real woman, a lady, in sheer, transparent nylon tights? Or is it Ellen in your moral indignation when she points out the importance of modesty, propriety and the pure functionality of every clothing that is supposed to protect us all from the next cold and the cold?
An exciting race, great fun here, I'll stay on the ball, maybe the question could also be resolved with a vote?
Keep it easy, Ellen, nice to read from you again!
Your borate

But some fetishists can also give stupid answers.

A woman only wears tights to make her male environment “hot as hell”? Every woman in tights, she needs a strange man, even though she is a lesbian or lives in a steady relationship?
“Why do women wear tights? Of course, because they know that they look razor-sharp in it and can wrap any man around their finger "
If women in tights can wrap men around their fingers, then they are fetishists. Are all men fetishists? If you transfer your problem to all men and women, I don't think it's a good thing if you are “rat-sharp” through tights, because no woman wears tights to confirm fetishists in their illness.

An item of clothing remains an item of clothing and a fetish object remains a fetish object. I don't think it's good, so keep shaking your head before you recognize reality, continue living in your Feitisch dream world, problem, women's tights like that. Hopefully you won't get sick shaking your head.

Greetings Ellen

But some people can also ask stupid questions.
Why do women wear tights? Of course, because they know that they look razor-sharp in it and can wrap any man around their finger ;-)

I find the combination of tights or hold ups plus dress / skirt much more comfortable and infinitely more versatile than the old jeans, which of course I wear again from time to time.
In summer women can dress much more easily and airily with skirts, in winter they are much warmer and more cuddly than with pants.
Apart from the warmth factor, stockings are also great accessories that come in all imaginable colors and patterns.
Tights are only uncomfortable if you choose the wrong material or the wrong size. Tights sizes are always very small. Depending on the brand, you have to add 1-3 clothing sizes to the normal size.

... why do you change your underwear so often ??? lg

I only wear coarse pink fishnet tights during sex or sometimes in summer.
Otherwise, I find them very annoying, because I change my underwear after almost every visit to the toilet and then I have to take on and off in a complicated manner.

As a man, you like to wear tights yourself, in tights you look completely different, tights are nice and soft and feminine, there are so many colors and patterns and on winter days they are also warm. My new one from F .... the pure matt 100den, fits perfectly, feels nice and soft and is comfortable to wear. For me there is nothing better.

Jenny87 - a typo? Should actually be jimmy87.

Because it's a great feeling ...

I wear tights almost every day, with skirts and also under pants. When I was 13 or so my mother gave me some to wear under in the fall because I kept catching colds. At first it was a strange feeling, but you get used to it, after a few days it's normal. When spring came I wore skirts instead of pants and continued to wear tights.
So everything is normal, just try it!

Why are tights uncomfortable? I find tights very comfortable and just practical, they replace socks / stockings and underpants, only one part to wear, no slippery stockings.
In my experience, tights are only uncomfortable if you take the wrong size, especially if they are too small.

Hello, I am male and I like to wear tights and I also like them for women

I can only say that there is nothing more comfortable.

To all the women in stockings. It's good that you exist.
Lg Chris!
P.S .: And it's really an amazing feeling to feel the delicate fabric on your skin, isn't it?

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the few women who really enjoy wearing tights; out of vanity, because they make beautiful legs - which at my age should not be underestimated. Most of my friends, however, reject fine tights. Actually stupid, but what can you do!

Bianca - said it, everything speaks for it and nothing against it!

Because men are pretty simple creatures and have eyes on their faces.
Because with a dress / skirt and FSH I feel safe to be well dressed.
Because I have nothing to do with previous evening series promists with the unevenness of their bare legs.
Because I feel physically freer in skirt and FSH than squeezed into jeans and because wide jeans don't look good.

? the question is superfluous, fsh were probably primarily invented for beautiful legs, whoever loves that is automatically a pantyhose fan: once = forever; + I praise the russian girl upstairs, who knows what is important!

I don't find them uncomfortable and when it's only 6 degrees like today, I put one on voluntarily

Why are you wearing tights?

Hello, I'm a bit older, but I still wear children's knitted tights. Whoever wants to chat

Yes, why tights? Because clothing is NOT there to hide your body and protect yourself from the cold. Then an inexpensive jogging suit was more than enough.
Jeans don't work at all, EVERYONE wears a grandmother / oppa in the supermarket today, just pure proletarian look, completely unfeminine, also not leggings, a joke, a tasteless kind of anti-fashion, often too cold without tights, shows every unevenness of the leg, With a black skirt in the theater, for example, it looks downright vulgar.
In the past, wool tights were only worn very occasionally by very impoverished, older women, for whom it no longer "mattered" and for very little girls. Sixty-eight later women, no comment, not worth it, and women who have confused emancipation with the abolition of women.
Real style is timeless, Cary Grant still looks better than a chimpanzee today, you can't really compare it, of course also the Loren in comparison to a contemporary celebrity woman with frozen blue legs, calluses and varicose veins.
Of course, stockings with suspenders are also possible, I find nylon tights more practical, I've somehow used them since I was a girl, I don't like hold-ups that much, I think it's not possible without a wafer-thin, elegant and transparent stocking, but of course it also depends on whether you believes femininity and beauty play a role in life, or whether one believes that it is only intended for working, sleeping and eating.
In a nutshell: An absolutely indispensable luxury for me, my friend does not contradict me in this case for once ...

I also wear tights a lot. Actually all year round. In summer I usually wear very thin summer tights if it's not too hot, and in this time of year and in winter or spring I also wear opaque or knitted tights with a mini skirt. I just like the way it feels, and it looks pretty nice too. So I don't find them uncomfortable. My boyfriend also likes it when I wear tights with a skirt.

Hey trinity

I often wear them, come from Russia, you didn't always wear jeans, I copied from my mother very early on, I don't know that without tights, I never liked the thick opaque ones. Stupid with ladder stitches (and the money), but I always find it nice when my boyfriend is so confused, when I sit there in black tights, he always gets really weird.
Maybe you are the wrong size or you are not used to it, find my jeans more uncomfortable.

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