What does Japan import from America

Importing a car: What to watch out for with cars from Japan, USA and Asia

More and more people are importing a car: cheap offers abroad give many drivers the idea of ​​buying a car there and bringing it to Germany. You can find out what you need to consider with vehicles from Asia, Japan and the USA in our practical tip.

Importing a car from the USA - important information

To begin with, we will show you what you need to consider if you want to import and register a car from the USA in Germany:

  • You can buy a car privately or through a dealer in the US as long as it is a used car. If you want to buy a new car, you can only buy it from a licensed dealer. Then you can expect more support and help in the event of problems. It is important for customs that you conclude a sales contract. This must be signed and dated. In addition, the price and chassis number must be entered.
  • Important: It is possible that the customs authorities recognize the agreed price as being too low. In that case, it will be raised to the current market price in Germany and you will have to declare the higher price accordingly. Throughout Europe, you have to pay a customs duty of ten percent of the purchase price for a car.
  • In addition to the customs fees, you also have to pay taxes for the introduction in Germany. These are 19 percent and are also based on the purchase price. All in all, this results in an average of around 30 percent additional costs that you have to pay for the import.
  • Before the actual registration in Germany, you have to have the car approved by the TÜV. There is also an exhaust gas report. However, this should already be available from the USA and is also recognized in Germany. Pay attention to the report when buying, otherwise you have to reckon with up to 2,500 euros for a new measurement of the exhaust gas values.

Import car from Asia (including Japan)

  • When importing from Asia, you must first and foremost be familiar with the language: You can contact many dealers with English inquiries, but the vehicle documents and important documents are written in Asian or Japanese. We recommend that you have the documents sent by e-mail translated into German by sworn translators.
  • In addition to the documents, you also have to organize the shipment. For vehicles from Japan, the most frequent port of call in Germany is Bremerhaven. However, there are also different ports. You can also have your vehicle delivered to a foreign port, for example to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
  • Note: Please note that you have to transport the car from the port to your place of residence and then to the TÜV. It is easiest for you if you hand over this task to a forwarding agent. This also takes care of the correct process for customs clearance. The costs for the introduction are the same as for a vehicle from the USA.
  • It is also important to convert to German standards. In Japan there is left-hand traffic, the car can also be driven with the steering wheel on the right-hand side in Germany. However, you have to have the headlights converted and adjusted for this. As with imports from the USA, you must also be able to provide a correct emissions certificate for Japanese and Asian cars.

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