How does Priceline 1

How does Priceline work? Instructions & booking example

Priceline, or in general Blind booking ... almost everyone has heard of it by now. But hardly anyone who does not take a closer look at it really knows what it is and how it works. Basic principle: You choose a city or a district, then select the star category of the hotel and Priceline will later assign you a hotel that - if everything goes optimally - corresponds to your wishes.

“Blind booking” is the name of this new type of hotel booking, why is self-explanatory. You don't know in advance one hundred percent which hotel you will end up in.

Advantage: As a rule, the booked hotel is later better than expected and you often only pay as much for a 4 * resort as you normally would for a motel 6. Small disadvantage: The booking is final and cannot be canceled, besides the credit card will be charged immediately.

That is why I usually only book when I am on vacation when I know where I will be in the next few days. Or the overnight stays near the start / destination airport, because these are usually simply fixed in terms of the date.

To give you a little insight into the topic of blind booking, I have a little one manual written for Priceline. Especially for trips to the USA, it is always a good alternative to normal hotel bookings via, which incidentally also belongs to the Priceline Group.


How does Priceline work? HowTo, procedure & explanations

Contrary to popular belief, the Priceline internet platform does not only work in America, but of course worldwide.


Instructions for making a Priceline booking

How exactly you proceed with Priceline, I would like to show you on the basis of a booking example. In principle everything is very simple.

You go to the Priceline website, choose the one there Category Hotels and then enter the name of the city, the arrival and departure dates and the number of rooms. Our example here is a booking for a room in Phoenix on April 4th.

Enter the place and the period in the Priceline search mask


With one click on the button it continues …

After clicking, Priceline starts looking for a room and lists all available hotels. You now first have a look at the offers on the site, which will give you a feel for the current prices. At the top right of the page is a window called “Name Your Own Price”. Now click there the green GO button.

List of available hotels



The selection of the district

A page appears on which the city of your wishes is divided into different districts (Step 1). Now you can choose where you would like to live and click on one of the suggested districts. As I said, it's ONLY about the district.

Overview of the areas, i.e. the individual districts, where you can choose hotels



Selection of the star category

The next step is step 2. You now have to choose your preferred star category. As already mentioned above, you cannot select a specific hotel. That is also logical, otherwise it would not be a “blind booking”.

The selection of the star level



Send Best Offer

In the free field at Name Your Own Price You now enter the amount that you want to pay. In our example here we try $ 20 (Step 3)

The total is of course too low, so a red bar appears with the following: Based on recent data, your price has almost no chance of being accepted. You now increase the total in steps of 5 or 10. You keep doing this until the bar disappears.

Then you lower in steps of 1 until it appears again. In this way you can narrow down the price range relatively quickly, where you could possibly get the surcharge for a room.

Enter the price proposal


You don't necessarily have to wait for the bar to disappear. You can also stop if it says: Based on recent data, your price has only a small chance of being acceptedwhich is a bit better than trying with $ 20.

Increase in the price proposal


Since the chance of winning the bid is also rather small in this case, it is advisable to bid a little more than the sum, where exactly the brown bar disappears. A certain instinct is required here so that you do not offer more than is absolutely necessary.

I enter my name or - if I already have a Priceline account - log into the Priceline homepage. The latter is definitely easier in the long run because you don't have to manually enter your data every time.

Final price proposal


If you are not logged in, this page will appear next, on which you have to enter your bid again.