Most rich people are cheap

This is how you can tell if someone is really rich

Hot rods, expensive branded clothes and a flashy ring on every finger - probably each of you has seen a person who tries in one way or another to trumpet their supposed wealth to the world.

Even if many people reject this exaggerated image, it is a fact that we are drawn to wealth. Even if, out of politeness, we would not ask how much money someone owns or earns, these questions flit through our heads every now and then when we see someone who is obviously not poor.

But that is exactly what leads to a lot of blenders running around in this world. People who are actually not rich at all - but like to pretend on certain occasions.

Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg and helps companies like Amazon grow their sales. When he was at the beginning of his career, he was surrounded by people who liked to show their wealth to the world. But he quickly realized that most of it was just for show.

He is now used to recognizing who really has a fortune and who is not. In a guest post for, he reveals some behaviors that rich people, in his experience, never display:

You are not very extroverted

Rich people rarely push themselves into focus and don't often approach other people. Patel has made the experience that you are never the ones in the room who, gesticulating wildly and in a loud voice, attract the attention of everyone present.

That's because they don't feel like they have to prove anything to anyone.

Most rich people don't wear flashy clothes

Unless they're in front of the camera or otherwise in the public eye, rich people rarely wear flashy clothing. On the contrary, they tend to use classic, muted colors. Patel writes that you can recognize them particularly well by the fact that they usually choose clothing that is comfortable and fits extremely well. Designer logos are also not a must.

They don't casually drop important names

Most people find it annoying when someone constantly drops big names in their stories. Rich people try to avoid this because the tactic is fairly easy to expose as showing off to impress the people around you.

According to Patel, this is clear evidence that someone is pretending to be more than they really are.

They don't talk about your money or your possessions

Anyone who talks a lot about money and valuable purchases is likely to try to make those around them jealous. The reason for this is simply that he wants to convince everyone that he is really that rich and, in his eyes, the best company. Those who actually live in great prosperity do not have to do that. Rich people have probably been successful in their lives and therefore don't have to use big words to compensate for uncertainties.

They like to talk about what they are learning and experiencing

Contrary to popular belief, rich people rarely talk to each other about the length of their yacht. They are much more interested in topics that advance them personally. They like to learn from people around them who can do something better than they are, writes Patel.

The richest people he knows are more likely to be humble people. That is why it is so difficult to recognize them. His advice is to focus on what you are really good at. With this recipe for success, at some point you may no longer have to look for the richest person in the room, says Patel. Because whoever has extraordinary skills automatically attracts people who show respect for great achievements.