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Dating Halal - Online dating for Muslims

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Faithful Muslims are increasingly relying on online portals when looking for a partner. Because that also means freedom for those willing to marry

by Kadriye Acar

Young Muslims around the world can use the Internet to get in touch with men and women willing to marry without their parents or family members being able to control this. Samer Fahed found Islam late. But from then on, the tall German with Palestinian roots wanted to do everything right. That means marrying the right woman. "I noticed that the marriage market in Germany is very rare," remembers the now 51-year-old. He asked his friends if they didn't know a suitable woman - and found that they had the same problem. After a long night of contemplation and prayer, the idea of ​​how to solve this problem occurred to him. In 2005 he founded the Islamic Marriage Institute.

No violation of Muslim rules

"After two days the phone started ringing," says Fahed. "The demand from men was immensely high. I think so from women - but more subtle. Then I switched my mother on. And then her mother's phone no longer stood still." The rest is history. Today, according to Samer Fahed, 20-30 people who want to marry register via the portal every day. He also met his wife Ayse, a Turkish-born confectioner, through his own portal. The couple now have a three-year-old daughter.

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According to the conservative Islamic understanding, the private areas of life of marriageable women and men are fundamentally separated; marriage is the only place where this separation is legitimately broken. But first get there. That is why the Internet plays a major role in finding a partner. You can look at the profiles in peace, you don't break any Muslim rules, you don't stay in the same room with a strange man.

The market is growing

Aliyah Mounir, a young Egyptian who has lived in Istanbul for a long time, has already tried out a number of Muslim apps and online portals: "We are constantly on the move with our smartphones. You chat, you can decide when to go in, whether to answer or not The parents cannot control the Internet. "

The market for Muslim dating is growing. The apps or portals are called Minder, Muzmatch, Muslima Dating or Aliyah's sister Zeynep is also looking for Mr. Right here, or at least for a bit of fun: "It's much more practical online. You can look at the profile anonymously. And if you don't like one, you can disappear from the network or delete the profile However, if you meet someone willing to marry personally several times, everyone expects that you will get married soon. "

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