Why is the gender of Lady Gagas being questioned

Gender image, the


Professional educators play an important role: They can strengthen girls and boys in their individual self-definition of the feminine or masculine [...] if traditional gender images are adopted without reflection [...]. [Frankfurter Rundschau, May 12, 2000]

Our behavior is still largely dominated by traditional gender images […]. [Die Zeit, 06.03.2017 (online)]

Instead, however, the consequences of gender images for one's own identity and dealing with one's own body come to the fore, […]. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, November 28, 2010]

Because with the admission of women to the military, not only the exclusivity of the male defender role for the state and the nation is called into question, but also the associated gender images. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 02.27.2001]

The man a soldier, the woman a mother (of future soldiers): the gender image of early National Socialism can be summed up in this formula. [Frevert, Ute: Women. In: Encyclopedia of National Socialism, Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2000 [1997], p. 537]

Imagination of a person expressing their own gender identity through a certain behavior


In the music video for »Wavvy« […] he rapped [Blanco] in 2012 with a wig and miniskirt as a drag queen, but also with a cap and low-slung jeans; So played more fluidly with gender images than just celebrating a striking alternative to male dress and behavior codes in hip-hop. [Spiegel, 03.11.2015 (online)]

For the presentation of her new album »Artpop«, Lady Gaga used the game with gender images for the first time. [Der Standard, 25.10.2013]

What was special about the troupe [of the dance company Las Tangueras] was that, in contrast to traditional tango culture, both the female and the male parts were danced by women: “When we performed at a big tango festival, we dropped out the framework, we opposed the conventional gender images in tango with our own point of view «[…]. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 04/05/2012]

Under the theme of “Transgender United international”, the event offers the opportunity to exchange ideas about “transgender” and “gender”, different stagings of gender roles and the diversity and diversity of gender images. [Fachschaftsinitiative gender studies, 30.09.2006, accessed on 14.09.2018]