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Imperial College London - Materials Science

Damiano  πŸ“… 31.03.2012 20:51:20
Imperial College London - Materials Science
Hey guys,
To me first: I am a first graduate, meaning my parents both have "only" secondary school qualifications, whereas I passed my Abitur with a grade of 1.0 (advanced courses in mathematics and physics) and that in 12 years instead of 13 as usual in Berlin. Accordingly, I was recommended, among other things, for the German National Academic Foundation, which, however, rejected me after a seminar without giving a reason.
As I would like to work on my language skills, I wanted to study in the UK. So I applied to study physics at 5 universities in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Imperial College London and Cambridge. I received unconditional offers from the first three. My actual destination, however, was Cambridge, as I am simply fascinated by the atmosphere there, coupled with world-class research. So I took on the exertion and accepted an interview invitation from Trinity College, which, however, refused me after the test + interview. The same thing happened to me in a similar form 2 months later at Imperial College London. Again I came for an interview for free. However, the Imperial asked me to come for a third interview, this time in the Department of Materials.
Since I thought all good things come in threes, I flew there again ... and finally got admission to the Materials Science and Engineering course, which leads to MEng in 4 years. Since I am neither church nor in any other way politically committed, I have so far refrained from applying for a scholarship from one of the major German foundations. Nevertheless, I am a very social person who is active in sports and often gives tutoring. Should you accept this offer from Imperial College London or not or what do I get from it specifically (dream was my own Cambridge)? Does anyone have any idea how to meet the immense costs (around 18-20,000 pounds p.a.) without credit? My parents can't help me much with this because they built a house and are bound by loan agreements themselves. The whole topic has made me doubt myself and especially my abilities several times ... but I just don't want to see that it should only be because of the money ... What do you think?
Almond bread  πŸ“… 01.04.2012 18:51:02
Re: Imperial College London - Materials Science
I would quit if I were you. Sure, it's nice to be mares in England, but your career won't do that much for the € 100,000 you have to invest.

And you should stop (Cambridge) dreaming. Your enthusiasm is only based on mouth-to-ear propaganda. Imperial can be mentioned in the same breath as Cambridge. This is one of the best universities in the world.
Alaska.  πŸ“… 03.04.2012 10:53:47
Re: Imperial College London - Materials Science
Hello damiano!

First of all, congratulations on your great Abitur and this achievement! 1.0 is fantastic and unfortunately some universities, including Cambridge and Oxford, don't really appreciate it. But don't let this discourage you and don't doubt your abilities!
Imperial College will not be Cambridge (for you), but it has an excellent reputation. You should be aware of this. I could highly recommend Edinburgh as an alternative if you want to study in an English-speaking country and go to a university with an excellent reputation! (You don't pay tuition fees, they are covered by the Scottish government because you're European.)
I myself, unfortunately, don't know how one would pay so much tuition fees. However, every year Germans who have an alternative take up a place at university in England. There are probably ways to split the loans. And there are not only loans for the parents, because otherwise all Englishmen would be disadvantaged, but also for the students, who then repay the loan when they earn enough. But I would recommend the following forum if you don't know it yet:


There you will find a lot of information on how English people finance their studies and also many students give helpful tips! (I would have been glad if I had known this forum earlier!)

About the Studienstiftung: Don't get too excited about it! At that time I was invited to a selection seminar. I had done pretty much everything that was possible with language certificates and social engagement. In my second interview I couldn't answer three "special questions". I probably didn't come across as alternative or normal enough for the foundation. Ultimately, people were selected from our selection seminar, some of whom did not find their presentation documents. I know it annoys you. Especially after you've put so much work into a "project". Reasons are not always understood.

I also know the feeling of having to bury a dream like Cambridge. Something similar happened to me in Edinburgh. With an average of 1.1, I was unfortunately too bad for their "Business Studies & Economics" course. I went back personally and asked why. They told me that they could only accept two (!!) 1.0 candidates from Germany for the course and they even had to reject 1.0 candidates. It hurts a lot, I'm still disappointed. But I will go to another Scottish university from September.

What you will get from an "engineering degree", you should actually know yourself. Engineers have very good job opportunities and are needed again and again. In the future, you will definitely earn enough to repay the loan. How did you actually plan to finance Oxford or Cambridge (I've never really looked at Oxbridge, so I don't know my way around there)?

If you ultimately fail for money, take another look at the Scottish universities. As far as I know, Edinburgh is also in the top 50 with its reputation worldwide.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write me a private message! And don't bury your head in the sand, there are many ways to develop your potential
Damiano  πŸ“… 07.04.2012 02:04:07
Re: Imperial College London - Materials Science
Hi Alaska,
Thanks for your answer! I'm really sorry about Edinburgh, but I also know other 1.0s that were rejected by Warwick, for example I wanted to finance Oxbridge or London through a combination of parents, scholarship, student loan and credit (student loan). As it stands at the moment, however, I am not receiving a scholarship or student loan, which I find very demotivating ... I have written to 22 large, internationally active companies for support and not a single time is there a conversation, let alone something like a scholarship jumped out ALTHOUGH I have numerous awards and prizes (DPG and DMV) ... there’s another talk about the shortage of skilled workers Well London itself will cost 60-70000 pounds roundabout so the course ... with credits I would probably be somewhere between 100,000-150,000 € after 4 years and I could get rid of a PhD ... all not so easy, as I had imagined well life goes on, shit happens do you know any other financing options ???
Re: Imperial College London - Materials Science

So the tip I can give you is to go to a good German university in engineering al la RWTH, TU Munich, for the bachelor's degree in materials science ... If you have a bachelor's degree from those in engineering, you can choose the top English universities where you want to go for a master's degree.

If you really want to go to Cambridge, first go to one of the two German universities mentioned above for the BSc, then your chances for Cambridge are very good. Take a look at the profiles of German Cambridge engineering students, they are almost exclusively RWTH / TUM graduates.

That saves a lot of money and trouble, a Masters in Cambridge usually only takes a year. I would definitely not accept the four-year Imperial offer, not really many people in Germany know it, it is more known in England, although one of the best universities. Cambridge, on the other hand, is familiar to everyone in Germany

Greetings, harrykraft
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