How do I code Arduino

Look for a programmer or help with programming

Hello Arduino Community,

I'm looking for someone who can help me program / code / sketch the Arduino.

What should be done / implemented?

  • I decided to use the Arduino and a 2.4 "TFT LCD display to build appealing displays for my hobby / drift vehicle to monitor the engine. For the time being for the following values:
  • Boost pressure (air pressure in the intake area of ​​the turbo engine)
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temparature

If the whole thing is as easy to implement as I hope it will be, then I would like to integrate more values ​​in the future.

What have i done so far?

  • In order to find out whether and how the whole thing can or should work, I have of course already informed myself a little. I chose the Arduino instead of a Raspberry Pie, because the Raspberry Pie takes significantly longer to start up than the Arduino. The visual representation itself should not be a problem.

Here are a few links from YouTube videos in which my project has already been implemented.

So after I read something and watched several tutorials, I bought an Arduino Uno, a 2.4 "TFT LCD display, a breadboard, jumper wires, Arduino USB cables and a boost pressure sensor. The whole thing came last Saturday, dear ones On Sunday I tried to get the display to work (white screen, unkown driver), unfortunately without success. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to read up on this very extensive topic at the moment, because besides my job I also have to deal with it I have to take care of my car and what feels like a hundred other things.

As a result, I have registered in the Arduino forum and hope to meet nice and helpful "experts".

Of course, I would be willing to pay money for a corresponding sketch, after all, there is also time to write a sketch. Of course, I will cover material costs!

What I expect: - I would like a finished sketch with a simple explanation so that I know where I have to specify the reference values ​​for the sensors. Whether this is coded on an Arduino Uno, Nano, R3 or Mega and which of the many different displays it will be in the end, I like to leave the person helping me. At the end I just want to open the Arduino program, copy the sketch, insert a start and warning image (bitmap) and be able to change the reference values.

If you have any questions / suggestions about my project or topic, just let it out: D