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So I don't know if you've heard it or know it. But the bleach anime came to an end today. In today's episode some cuts were made because otherwise it would probably have been split into two episodes. The manga continues, but the anime is over for the time being. Why for the time being because there are rumors that as soon as the manga has progressed sufficiently, the anime will get a full remake, with filler arcs going to be dropped this time. But there are also rumors that at the moment it is only a legal issue with Bleach because the broadcaster and producer are changing and it will be back soon. Unfortunately, I don't know whether this is all true or not.

My personal attitude to it is: Such a ****** shit. Since for me this is the second anime based on a manga that has now been prematurely discontinued (the other was Beelzebub). Anime like ZEXAL that have cut themselves off from the manga for ages and only bring crap or stolen or once again chewed through ideas, they still show animes like Bleach and Beelzebub have to go.
What is your opinion on this? - Icis Leibgarde 17:07, 27. Mar. 2012 (UTC)

Just terrible at first Beelzebub and now Bleach the ending of the anime had already said it all.

Bleach is one of the "Big Three", one of the most popular, NO even one of the most sought-after anime in Japan and now it should come to an end "like this". I'm sure that it will be a bigger shock for others that will certainly bring a lot of tears, but I firmly believe that the producers just want to take a break and Bleach will soon be back with new exciting episodes. And that we will see each other again with Ichigo.

Gogetto13 18:31, 27 Mar. 2012 (UTC)

After the credits, I doubt we'll see Bleach again anytime soon. If I were to guess I would guess half a year to a full year. Back when One Piece had taken a break, at the end of the episode there was an information (presented by Luffy and Pandaman) that the anime was paused for 1.2 months, then we continued with the Ice Hunter Arc.
Here at Bleach, however, we ended up with credits that looked really bad and didn't provide any nourishing information. Personally, I could have lived with one or two filler arcs. Bleach fillers are much more exciting than Naruto fillers and more entertaining anyway (well, the last filler arc wasn't the real thing, but the ones before it were actually made quite interesting). It will probably really be the case now that nothing comes from Bleach and then everything starts all over again with episode 1 (possibly now revised) and then goes up to the current one, but without filler. Personally, I think it's a shame because some fillers really have to be said were quite entertaining: Zanpakuto Revolutions Arc, Amagai Arc, the episode at the booth and of course all the grannies at the end of each Bleach episode, i.e. Shinigami Golden Cup, Quincy Encyclopedia, Arrancar Daigho and Xcution Dictionary. It would be a shame if these omakes or the omakes drawn by Tite Kubo that were later implemented as anime episodes (e.g. the episode on the beach) - Icis Leibgarde 17:41, 28 Mar. 2012 (UTC)

One argument or reason for me why the Bleach anime is continuing and it could just be a pause is Ichigo's last sentence. Maybe the producers want to tell the reader and viewer that Bleach will REALLY pause otherwise it would otherwise be a bad joke look.

Gogetto13 18:16, 29 Mar. 2012 (UTC)