Accept compliments

It's not that easy: learn to accept compliments

"You look good today!"

What with many of us honest joy triggers, in turn ensures for others uncertainty. "Why does he / she say that?", "Why today?", "Otherwise don't I look good?", "I haven't done anything differently than usual?" - Many are not aware of what can be triggered by a simple, nice and honest statement. But for people who find it difficult to accept compliments, the carousel of thought immediately begins to circle. Why is that so? Why are there so many people who cannot just accept compliments for what they are? Are you the kind of person who can be unsettled by compliments?

Why can't you accept compliments?

There are many reasons why people cannot accept compliments.

  • Too little self-esteem is an important factor. You think you deserve no praise because you yourself do not feel that what has been praised is worth mentioning at all.
  • You suspect an intention behind every compliment.
  • You feel obliged to reciprocate the compliment or provide something in return.
  • You feel uncomfortable with too much attention.

Learn to take compliments

  • Be convinced that there are features in you that are commendable. And even if you don't find them worth mentioning yourself, accept that others may very well do so.
  • Allow yourself to accept compliments, because the other person does so voluntarily and does not expect anything in return. You are not automatically arrogant when you are happy about words of praise.
  • Adapt a little from the way of thinking of your counterpart. You are actually as great as others see it.
  • By the way, the correct reaction to a compliment is to say thank you for it. Of course, you can also express your joy. However, you should not devalue the compliment.

Always remember that the other person is you make a pleasure with the compliment would like to. Take it and do him a favor!