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How does body odor arise through diet?

Excessive body odor is usually due to profuse sweating. Proper nutrition is of great importance to curb this. There are numerous foods that have a direct influence on whether you sweat a lot or little. So you can make a direct contribution to preventing bad body odor from developing in the first place.

These foods cause bad body odor:

Broccoli: Broccoli is very healthy and should not be missing in a varied diet. The vegetables have a detoxifying effect, which is primarily positive, of course. The problem: digestion produces gases that lead to flatulence.

Coffee: On the one hand, drinking coffee activates the sweat glands, on the other hand, the high acid content of coffee leads to a dry mouth, which in turn leads to increased bacterial production and bad breath.

Onions: The consumption of onions leads to the fact that the contained essential oils are excreted through the skin and through the lungs. The unpleasant consequence: body odor and bad breath.

Garlic: The breakdown substances in garlic are excreted from the body through the skin. Thus, if you have previously enjoyed garlic, you will surround yourself with a cloud of fragrance that most people do not perceive as pleasant.

Red meat: Red meat is also responsible for the development of nasty body odor. This is due to the fact that the meat is difficult to digest and therefore stays in the body for a long time. During this time, a lot of bacteria form and lead to bad-smelling sweat and bad breath.

Curry spices: Again, caution is advised. As good as curry dishes taste, the spices clog the pores and provide a very special body odor days after they are actually consumed.

Chili: Excessive consumption of chilli ensures that increased sweat production takes place. If the sweat meets bacteria, there are unpleasant vapors.

Hydrogenated oils: These oils are used in the preparation of fast food and lead to a body odor that is not described as pleasant.

Asparagus: Asparagus does not necessarily cause body odor, but it does change the odor of urine in some people.

Alcohol: Alcohol is fed directly into the bloodstream and then exhaled through the pores. People who drink alcohol not only have to struggle with bad breath, but also with body odor that cannot simply be showered away.

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What helps against bad body odor and bad breath?

If you want to avoid nasty body odor and bad breath, it often helps to avoid the foods mentioned above. Since body sweat only smells bad in connection with bacteria, you should also pay attention to daily personal hygiene and avoid sweaty activities. Stress is also a sweat-inducing factor. Deodorant helps temporarily and should therefore not be missing in any bag. Bad breath can be combated briefly with peppermints or chewing gum. Alternatively, adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to half a glass of water and gargling with it helps.