Pay interest on escrow

Manage complex payment flows easily

Platforms use Secupay to receive payments, hold them in trust, collect their own fees and pay out shares to third parties (stakeholders). Even very complex business models such as crowdfunding, crowd investing or marketplaces with mixed shopping baskets can be mapped very easily with us. Create an optimal user experience for all participants - from automated onboarding including KYC and identification, to the distribution of payment streams and individual payment intervals.

A solution for every payment setup

Easily split payments among several parties or merge several payments - individually and automatically according to the split you have defined. secupay offers you a lean and easy-to-use technology that combines smooth payment processes with a BaFin-compliant trustee function. All payments are made securely in accordance with the Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG).

You can also benefit from the possibility of creating new platform participants directly via our secuconnect interface. This means that new users are quickly ready to go.

Mixed shopping baskets

Stakeholder Payment & Provisioning

Trustee function for crowdpayment projects

A particular challenge of a marketplace is the processing of shopping baskets made up of goods from different suppliers. These shopping baskets can be processed via secupay with just a single payment process for the customer. We ensure a smooth distribution of the payments to the respective merchants. Of course, this also applies to the processing of cancellations and refunds.

Use secupay to manage the disbursement of parts of a payment transaction to various payees. These so-called stakeholder or commission shares are deducted from the desired transaction amounts and automatically paid out to the respective recipient according to your project requirements.

We are your partner for project financing. As part of our trustee or escrow service, all funds are collected in insolvency-proof trustee accounts in accordance with the Payment Services Supervision Act (ZAG) until the project is successful and only paid out if the agreed conditions are met. In addition, we support you with interest and repayment payments.

All payment methods for your needs

All relevant credit and debit cards

Tokenization and recurring payments, also with flexible payment amounts

In addition to Mastercard and VISA, AMEX, UNIONPAY, DINERS and JCB are also accepted.

Chargeback processing and protection

|  Gross payments are possible without any discount deduction

Move in directly after the order, after delivery or on the desired date

|  Recurring payments, also with flexible payment amounts

Automatic return debit processing, optionally with customer communication and hope run

|  up to 28 days pre-authorization

More liquidity through payout when due

|  No allocation effort for incoming payments

|  Also for B2B

Simple invoice payment via payment link or QR code

|  No risk of default including risk and receivables management, payment guarantee optional

Automatic assignment through virtual accounts

|  Notification of receipt of payment

|  Variable payout rate

Collective payout, less bank fees

|  Automatic loading of credit and prepaid cards

| Leading direct money transfer process

|  No guidance from the payer on your part

|  Immediate feedback upon completion of the transfer


Integrated accounts receivable management

For seamless management of your marketplace transactions, we offer you debtor management from a single source. From invoicing and booking the receivables to dunning and the collection process.

  • Mediation between customer and dealer
  • Support in enforcing claims
  • Individual dunning levels & payment terms
  • If the dunning procedure is unsuccessful: handover to the debt collection company of your choice

Your data and the data of your customers are important to us!

Certified security: Annual proof of compliance with the strict specifications of the PCI DSS industry standard with regard to technical and organizational requirements for the protection of payment method data

Multi-level defense systems: Through the use of security measures and multi-layered defense systems, data is comprehensively protected against loss, manipulation and unauthorized access

Protected communication: We use current and strong encryption mechanisms (TLS / SSL) to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and integrity of your data

Secupay AG (payment institution register number: 126737) is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

"For us, the secupay interface is the essential key to the automated processing of projects and our crowdfunding logic."

Finlane offers the scalable software solution for crowdfinancing concepts based on an established software framework and, as part of the connection to secupay AG, provides support services for payment processing and verification of legitimacy.

Tino Kreßner - Managing Director Finlane

"For our investors and our startups, secupay is a neutral authority that they can trust without reservation."

The internet is not only full of good ideas, but also full of capital. However, it is important to bring the two together. Seedmatch GmbH from Dresden has set out to do exactly that. The considerations of the Seedmatch makers: In Germany there are hundreds of young companies with innovative ideas and products - why shouldn't everyone be given the opportunity to invest in them, to support them, to benefit from their growth potential? Crowdfunding by many instead of venture capital by a few. Already 250 euros are enough to invest in a company via Seedmatch. Ideally, crowdfunding then benefits both: the startup and the investors.

Johannes Ranscht - Managing Director seedmatch

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