Can we save Snapchat filters

Save Snapchat filter: Here's how it works

How can you save a filter on Snapchat? Can I save used filters or lenses so that they can be found and used more easily? If you occasionally use the Snapchat app and also post one or the other picture in the story or send it to friends as a snap, you may also use a filter. In addition to the filters suggested in the camera view, it has been possible for some time now to use the lenses of other users. We have already created a brief guide on how to search for and find the filters and lenses on Snapchat. In this article we want to deal with the common question on the subject, how can you save the filters on Snapchat?

Find and use Snapchat lenses

Using the Snapchat Lenses is very easy. We have briefly summarized all the necessary steps again below.

  1. Start Snapchat, open the camera view and tap on the smiley face.
  2. In addition to the proposed Lenses from Snapchat, you can open the Lenses gallery via the two smiley face symbol.
  3. In the gallery you can now scroll through the categories or search for and use certain filters.

Save Snapchat Filters and Lenses

If you have used one of the numerous lenses, it is displayed for 24 hours in the filters or lenses last used and can easily be found again. Unfortunately, at least in the current version of the Snapchat app, there is no save button with which you can save the filters. But don't worry, with a little trick you can save your favorite lenses and find them more easily.

When you have selected a lens, a kind of “info card” is displayed at the top of the screen. This info card can be used to display the name and creator of the Lens. You can also subscribe to the Creator and “send it to friends”. If you tap on “Send to friends”, you can choose not only friends, but also yourself. So you can save the Snapchat filters by sending them to yourself as a message.

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