Which anime has the worst animation

Hey guys, welcome to my little top 10 worst anime I've ever seen or just starting out. I assumed that I gave every anime of it a legitimate chance and I must also say that I have reconsidered my choice a thousand times and even now I have to say that I am actually still not satisfied. So I'm very interested in your opinion of these anime and why? And what do you think, what are the worst animes there is. How do you even manage to make an anime so pointless that you don't like it? So have fun with my top 10 worst anime I've seen so far!


10. Blood-C:Even if a lot of people like this anime, I can't stand it. The first few episodes were really just boring and annoyed me. There were always some pointless fights that were staged quite well, but over time it got a little too pointlessly cruel. Especially the last few episodes were just shocking and I personally asked myself why I was doing such shit to myself in the first place. The beginning seemed like she was kidding and the characters were sometimes just exaggerated. You couldn't identify with any of them. And only the end! Oh no, the ending was actually pretty good, at least for the last minute or so. xD You could have saved yourself the extreme brutality. After all, Saya was once a character of a slightly different kind, not a person to identify with, but different.


9. Dance in the vampire bund:I couldn't remember anything about this anime. Just the names Mina Tepes and Akira Kaburagi Regendorf. Don't ask me why, but after watching some Amvs I realized again how much I wanted the show to end. Why ever I forced micih to see it to the end and why always my recommendation of the series on my blog was so nice. In any case, I can't stand this anime, the story and everything was so uninteresting in my eyes that it's no longer normal. The characters annoyed me and the Mina in her child's body was much too revealing for me. With this anime, I can even understand the stereotype that all otakus are pedophiles.


8. Bakugan:This is one of the most logical series I've ever seen, so I couldn't help but include it in my top 10. I think the character design is actually quite funny here, but there are a few "minor" flaws in the story, such as that Germany is a peninsula bordering on Russia, but that's almost right. xD This series definitely adds to the amusement, if you really knock everything they do and say and look for the meaning behind it, otherwise it can be a little boring. However, I would not let children watch this series conditionally. I don't think I have to justify this statement. After all, it's absolutely logical that everyone speaks the same language and I'll stop.


7. Beyblade:I hate this show and never have been. I miss the point and the fights are even more boring than in Bakugan or Pokemon. I mean: These are tops that let them "fight" against each other. What's going on?! xD I don't like the character design. The logic also allows for some shortcomings and all in all I found it so bad that I could watch a maximum of 2 minutes of all the episodes I tried to watch without skipping anything.


6. Diabolik Lovers:Now it's getting really fun. We have arrived at a totally meaningful series called Diabolik Lovers. This anime is utter kitsch. The design and the opening are awesome, but the rest is just laughable. I don't want to waste more time on series now, read my post on it if you want to know more.


5. Neon Genesis Evangelion:I don't know what great to say about this series. A friend agreed with me that Evangelion was right in this top 10 and later stated that she only saw the films that I found really good compared to the series. Now you can imagine what I think of this anime. In my review of the show, I mentioned that I think this is the worst show I've ever seen.


4. School Days: I don't have to say much about that. The content of the anime is simple ... no, why do you do that? xD


3.Yowamushi pedal:Not exactly interesting characters who ride bikes. Are you kidding me ?! What do the makers think? Do we combine a ghastly sport with terrible animation and little story and something good comes out of it? xD


2. Mars of Destruction:This is comedy, really! Although it shouldn't be ... Oops, the creators must have made a small mistake. The animation is gruesome and the music is stolen from Beethoven. And to be honest: In Mars of Destruction, a girl's head is shot off, they take her to the hospital to find out that she unfortunately didn't make it. xD I was one hundred percent sure that this was a wasted time of my life and would be the worst anime ever, but it just keeps getting worse.


1. Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS):I don't know what to say about it. This series is just ridiculous and illogical. With the greatest senselessness and unsympathetic characters, she apparently tries to justify the lousy animation. The plot is flat, overdone and just childish, there is a good gag every now and then, but even that doesn't add any entertainment value to the series. Yes, there is simply nothing more to say about it.


So that was my top 10 worst anime. When I did some research, I also came across series like School Days, which I would probably have ranked third. However, I didn't want to do this anime to myself, nor did I want to judge it without thinking it. So I've limited myself to these 10, and I've noticed that there are a lot of bad things. It's so amazing how you can deface something beautiful like an anime. * sighs *
In any case, I wish you a lot of fun with my top 10 and hope to receive a few comments, which I would be very happy about. Arigato to Sayōnara! 😉

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