California enters a recession

California: The Departure of the "Governator"

Arnold Schwarzenegger resigns as Governor of California. The results of his term in office are mixed. The US state is bankrupt, the 63-year-old was able to record his greatest successes in environmental protection.

The Democrat Jerry Brown will take office as the new governor of the US state California on Monday. Brown succeeds Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm of the most populous state in the United States. He beat former eBay boss and Republican Meg Whitman in the gubernatorial election in early November.

Schwarzenegger was not allowed to run again after two terms. At 72, Brown is the oldest incumbent to date - having been elected the youngest governor in California history at the age of 36 in 1974. At that time he held the office from 1975 to 1983.

Predecessor left a billion-dollar deficit

"We have to make California back to what it used to be," shouted Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 election campaign. As Governor of California, he would do a lot of cleaning up, boost the economy, create jobs and reduce the billion-dollar deficit in the household budget. His predecessor, Gray Davis, was accused of driving the state of nearly forty million people to the brink of ruin. Now the Hollywood star is stepping down as governor of California after two terms. And the superhero of the cinema screen is disenchanted. Schwarzenegger's popularity is as low as Davis' when he was kicked out in 2003.

The list of omissions that Schwarzenegger has chalked up as governor of the most populous US state is long: no educational reform, unemployment at twelve percent, no reform of the tax system and, above all, the budget situation has tightened during his tenure. The budget is missing nearly $ 20 billion. "Schwarzenegger was no improvement, except that he - in short - offered entertainment", so the judgment of the "Los Angeles Times".

The catastrophic budget situation in the state on the Pacific has numerous reasons: the real estate crisis, the recession, the turbulence on the stock markets, the drop in consumption. A radical change is not in sight.

More taxes, less money for education

With his "budget rollercoaster ride" on the verge of bankruptcy, Schwarzenegger attracted most of the protests. The 63-year-old tried in recent years to counter the financial crisis with spending cuts. Above all, they affected the health, education and welfare systems, public construction projects were halted and civil servants were sent on compulsory leave. Contrary to his promises, Schwarzenegger had to raise taxes at the same time. The Democrats who control the California Parliament were in constant dispute with him. At the beginning of December, Schwarzenegger once again declared a financial emergency.

As a "centrist republican", Schwarzenegger, who was connected to the Democratic Kennedy clan because of his marriage to Maria Shriver, followed an independent course with positions that identified him from liberal to conservative hardliner. If Schwarzenegger can boast lasting success, it is in the area of ​​environmental protection and energy. Here he made California a pioneer in the USA.

Whether Schwarzenegger will continue to be active as a politician, return to filmmaking or start a completely new career is an open question. He just let it be known that he wanted to write "a book or two". Observers believe, however, that Schwarzenegger wants to continue to be active in political business, for example, a position as environmental advisor to the US President is under discussion.