Is a thigh corner unhealthy?

Dangerous loophole

Models like Cara Delevingne show it: a gap between the thighs is the new ideal of beauty. An unhealthy trend.

Once upon a time, young women tuned their décolleté. They stuffed a second layer of pads or handkerchiefs into the push bra. Flat as a board, no, it didn't want to be. Today your thoughts are focused on a different part of the body. Her focus has moved down, past the bosom, waist, butt - to the legs. There must be nothing between them, no fat, no muscles. Only air is wanted. If they are standing straight (and not in the straddle), the thighs do not touch. It's called a thigh gap. In English: thigh gap.

This may naturally be the case with slim women with pronounced bow-legs, as well as with those with pelvis that are willing to give birth. But then it stops with naturalness: women of normal build have to be unhealthily thin so that the jeans don't rub between their legs. “You can't fill this gap with sport and a healthy diet. You have to go hungry, ”says Barbara Hausherr, head of the addiction center in St. Gallen, which also advises people with eating disorders.

"Sweet and Crazy"

“Young women with thigh gaps remind me of involuntarily malnourished people in Africa,” she says. Others think of gaunt models who swallow cotton wool soaked in orange juice to feel full for several hours. The currently most popular thigh gap belongs to a catwalk beauty: Cara Delevingne. Their thigh gap has their own account on Twitter and over 3800 followers. Teenagers also post photos of the 21-year-olds on Instagram and other social media platforms dreaming of being as thin as the British. “You forget that this is not real life. Just as the series does not depict reality, ”says the landlord. Delevingne, on the other hand, does not find it reprehensible that women are obsessed with their thigh gap - she considers it “cute and crazy”, as she told “Grazia Daily”.

Skinny jeans and skinny legs

“The thinner, the better,” is how the host describes the dangerous trend's motto. In times when the fashion industry is bringing ever narrower trousers onto the market, when super-skinny jeans have replaced skinny jeans and every flab is showing, this is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is the flood of images that are circulating on the Internet. If you are not satisfied with the photo of your role model, take photos of yourself - in underwear in front of the mirror, in a bikini on the beach. Below the pictures are notes such as “thin and large” or “thinspiration” - a combination of the words “thin” and “inspiration”. "Wow, I'm working towards this figure," writes one user. And many girls probably think the same way.

Model insulted without a gap

“If I discover a gap between my thighs, I know that I should eat more as soon as possible” or “My suggestion to women: eat properly and always stand with your legs wide apart. Then you have a thigh gap and still nobody can blow you »: Thigh-Gapians only have a weary smile for comments like these. This episode shows how convinced they are of their mission: When a photo of Australian model Robyn Lawley in a corset appeared on Facebook, users insulted them as “pig” and “too fat”. The plus-size model - it was already pictured on the cover of “Vogue Italia” and posed for Ralph Lauren - has a flaw in the eyes of the critics: no thigh gap. Lawley took advantage of the incident and agreed to put on talk shows warning about dieting.

That may actually make some pensive, but others will continue to blog diligently pictures that are all about legs, as thin as sticks. Instructions on how to achieve the thigh gap can also be found online. It does say that health problems could arise on the way there - for example if the teenage girl eats too little or if she overdoes sports. Also: "Understand that a thigh gap will never be possible for most people for anatomical reasons." Women with narrow hips or knock knees can consume as few calories as they want: their thighs will always be touching. Thigh Gapians are hardly impressed. You move on to the tips that follow: doing strengthening exercises or choosing foods like grapefruit that boost fat burning.

Like barbie? No thanks

Why do women do this? To please men? "I cannot imagine that the opposite sex would find women with anorectic features attractive," says the host. She certainly sees parallels to anorexia: “It begins with an ideal. If too strong a passion for the gap develops, the woman is in danger of slipping into anorexia. " The host hopes that those affected will want to score more with skills and less with an emaciated body. But that is precisely what one doubts in times of excessive self-expression on Facebook and model casting shows on TV.

If you click through the thigh-gap photos, hope fades further: the selected section usually shows the area between the navel and the knee. The face is cut off - if it is on, the camera covers it. The longer you look at women, the more they remind you of Barbie, the cult doll with a BMI that is too low and a thigh gap. US artist Nickolay Lamm was bothered by the unrealistic masses of the toy blonde and designed a fuller version. She is no less pretty. Perhaps from now on young women will follow her example - and fight against the inner emptiness instead of that between the thighs.