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Nude photography: what exactly is it?

Nude photography is dedicated to the artistic representation of the naked human body. Today, an experienced and sensitive nude photographer can draw on an infinite treasure trove of styles and technical possibilities in order to depict the model in its full beauty.

You don't need a perfect body to have stunning nudes made of you. After all, a nude photo shoot is not a modeling competition! What you need is a nude photographer who will see and artfully highlight your beauty and sensuality!

A little history of nude art

Originally the term "nude" in art stood for the representation of the naked human body in graphic studies. The fascination of this representation led to the fact that the nude became a permanent genre in all forms of fine art. And although the term nude art did not spread until the nineteenth century, the aesthetic representation of naked bodies is much older - just think of the beautiful sculptures of the ancient Greeks, which still fascinate today.

People's relationship to topics such as nudity, naturalness and sensuality have changed again and again. In the Middle Ages, even young men are said to have modeled female nudes, to which the painter then added female attributes from his imagination. Simply painting female models naked would have been too wicked according to the worldview of the time.

In the nineteenth century, the image of man changed, which of course was reflected in art as an expression of life. Painters like Renoir or Manet began to see the nude as an expression of the entire human emotional world and to paint. The inner world of women now became the focus of nude art, the desires, fears, hopes and dreams of the models found their expression in the composition of the nudes. This new way of thinking and feeling revolutionized nude art and makes it so fascinating and lively to this day.

Become a stylish nude model!

We also find that a stylish nude photo becomes an unmistakable work of art when it captures the uniqueness of a woman's whole personality. A nude photo shoot therefore means much more to us than implementing technical expertise with high-quality equipment.

In a nude shoot, we would like to present you as a personality with photos that appreciate your inner beauty, your wishes and dreams as well as your body. It is extremely important to us that you feel good and can relax. Our nude photographer will therefore take you on a journey to yourself, where you will discover your own beauty and see it with completely new eyes.

Your individual nude photo shoot in Munich

Many people don't like to be photographed. Not even when you are in front of the camera in the perfect business dress or festive clothes. We have all already experienced the terrible moment when we see each other in a photo and cannot make friends with the person depicted. This shyness in front of the camera often develops over the years and always arises when laypeople take “snapshots”.

If you have an accomplished nude photographer create a nude, you will find that your nude shoot has nothing in common with your previous experience! Because when you work with your nude photographer, you quickly feel that it's not about smiling tightly at the camera in order to get the moment behind you as quickly as possible. Working with a professional nude photographer is something completely different!

During your individual shoot you will experience how wonderful it is to let yourself go with confidence. Nudes are there to capture your natural beauty and your very special charisma in such a way that you will fall in love with yourself. And it is precisely this feeling, your own sensuality and joie de vivre, that we want to awaken in you until you flirt with the camera completely at ease - and completely forget that you are not wearing a business suit.

The composition of your nudes: who do you want to be?

Nude photography lives from telling stories about your wishes and dreams, to show the essence of your being in the picture. The composition of your nudes is therefore an important part of your personal shoot. Would you like to present yourself romantic and playful, would you like to be an intrepid heroine or a tender princess?

Do you want to surround yourself with the aura of a mysterious goddess of pleasure or would you rather look as fresh as a spring morning? Would you like timeless nudes in black and white or would you like to emphasize your romantic nature with soft colors?

The composition of your nudes tells the fairy tale of your own imagination. Tell our nude photographer your dream! Your body language, your styling, the location, the light, the colors - all these details not only stimulate your imagination, but also that of the later viewer of your nudes. Your nude photographer is the professional partner during the shoot, who stages you the way you want it!

Beauty is in the eye of the camera

Every woman today stands, consciously or unconsciously, in direct comparison with prominent beauties. Even men are no longer spared having to compare themselves to good-looking film stars and male models. And we all know the malice with which the rainbow press attacks these supposedly beautiful people when paparazzi have taken an unfavorable photo. An actress who has just been voted the most beautiful woman in the world by a magazine runs to the mailbox in her sweatpants and it happens!

The photo goes viral through the Internet and all "normal" women breathe a sigh of relief. The celebrated goddess also has problem areas, phew! Pictures like this, however painful they may be for the person being photographed, take away the pressure of having to be perfect. It also makes the most beautiful stars human when they look like us in photos. But the opposite is exciting: Could we look like them in photos? Yes we can! Because professional nude photography is the art of using technology, light and a lot of empathy to see the strengths and advantages of each person - and to capture them in beautiful photos!

Nude photography with pride and confidence

Life leaves traces, on the body and on the soul. Everything that you have experienced and achieved makes you a beautiful woman who can proudly say that she has overcome difficult times. Still, many women think that nude photography is only for young, slim and well-trained women.

Flawlessness is often equated with beauty. But you yourself may have suffered from surgical scars, stretch marks, love handles or other traces of your life that make you feel that you are not beautiful enough for nudes.

The opposite is the case! Your personal story, your experiences and especially the experiences that have made you stronger speak of your individual beauty! During a nude shoot with a sensitive nude photographer, you can rediscover this beauty and strength in yourself!

So dare to do it! You are alive, you are beautiful, you are unique! We want to discover this very special charisma together with you and tell about it in wonderfully aesthetic photos! A creative nude photographer sees the natural beauty in every model, which has to be photographed with technical expertise and experience.

The body is a landscape

The female body in particular is like a beautiful landscape. The more feminine the better! Gently sloping valleys, soft hills, round peaks let the eye wander with pleasure over feminine shapes. Therefore, male models are also considered bread for young artists who practice drawing, while women are the cake - simply delicious! Every woman radiates her very own beauty with these curved shapes, regardless of age or figure.

And it is precisely this essence of femininity that puts artistic nude photography in the right light. Because the word "photography" originally meant something like "drawing created by light". In the middle of the nineteenth century, the word »Lichtbild« had prevailed in German and we still talk about »taking pictures« of someone when we photograph them. So in photography, light is always the source of inspiration.

Every nude photographer knows about the power of this source. Because light and shadow model a woman's body, emphasize beauty and make weaknesses disappear. Trust our nude photographer at the nude shoot! Because she knows exactly how to set accents with light and shadow in order to represent the landscape of your body sensually and aesthetically. Soft transitions, mysterious shadows and gently placed accents will convince you that nude photography is nothing more than painting with the camera!

Of course, eroticism plays an important role in nudes, but what exactly does that mean? Erotic refers to the sensual attraction between people on the physical level. Since nudes are devoted to the artistic representation of the body, eroticism and nudes naturally belong together, because what could depict physical attraction more sensually than an aesthetic act?

Play with the lustful side of your personality during the nude shoot! Don't be afraid that your nudes may look too daring unless you want to! But in the foreground of aesthetic nude photography are always sensuality, mystery and an imaginative game with what you can't see! Our nude photographer will show you how you feel. Attractive, sensual and beautiful.

Playing with lingerie and accessories

Nude photography doesn't mean you have to show yourself completely naked! Often the eroticism in nudes comes into its own even better if you build up suspense during your nude shoot with promising hints like a good film trailer. So you don't have to reveal everything to a nude photographer!

It is better to tell a sensual story with a photo that stimulates the imagination. You can work closely with your nude photographer because she has the technical know-how and artistic experience. Experiment, discover the pleasurable fun of slipping into different roles!

Show yourself in playful corsages, wear flattering silk stockings! Pluck erotic lace gloves from your fingers with playful sensuality, wear a mysterious mask! Wrap yourself in flowing fabrics or loll with relish in delicate lacy underwear! Whatever you like to tell your story, entrust your nude photographer with your dreams to make your nudes unique!

Couple of nudes - two in front of the camera

To model a nude as a couple is a very special experience. Wedding photos tell of romantic dreams and capture the most beautiful day in life, but nudes tell of the most beautiful nights. Posing for a nude couple is therefore an incredibly intimate experience that will bring you and your partner even closer together.

To be photographed as a couple, you need unconditional trust so that the act looks natural and unsteady. After all, it's about showing your private feelings for each other on camera! With a sensitive nude photographer in a quiet atmosphere, you will quickly forget your self-consciousness. A tip from us: Look your loved one deep in the eyes and forget about everything else! Then your nudes will speak full of emotion of your love.

Trust is the basis for stylish nudes

In a nude photo shoot, you as the model are the focus. Your ideas, your ideas and your feeling for the right moment determine the course of the nude shooting. An act can only appear natural if you also perceive the shoot as natural and appear impartial.

That takes courage and trust! So only do things that you feel comfortable with and let our nude photographer accompany you through the nude photo shoot! If you forget that you are defenseless and naked in front of a nude photographer, blossom and unfold your inner glow! So enjoy your shoot in Munich and look forward to the results!

The finish: your nudes as a lasting memory

You will be amazed how your nudes can be transformed into unique works of art by the subsequent image processing at the latest. Whether you want nudes in black and white, prefer atmospheric nudes with color filters or whether you like your nudes natural and hardly edited - you decide which nudes you actually order in the end.

Nude photos in black and white are particularly timeless, nude photos in color can express very special moods and emotions. Treat yourself to a shoot in Munich, we look forward to seeing you!