Does the open university have any value

Open University

I ask provocatively, has nobody yet murdered all the materials and put them online?

Because in principle you can "pre-study" EVERY course (even with a high school diploma) if you have the time.

So someone could learn autodidactically for 5, 10, 15 ... years until the desired level of knowledge is reached.

If you want, "super student" too. Then you start your studies and pass it in the best possible time with the best possible points / grades. "Scam"? Why? Sure, you pretend to be extremely intelligent, and that may also impress future employers, but do they have a moral right to know "the truth"? No, they do not have.

Is it "unfair" to gain such an advantage over a normal student who is really intelligent and fast? No...

If you also translate the material (including software) into German (if the OU does not offer this), people with less good English skills can also use it. Whether they later manage to study at the OU is something different. However, if you have learned everything you could do pure exams etc. with less good knowledge of English than would be necessary for pure learning (if the material is not translated).

If this was decided by the government in England over 50 years ago, the German government should be urged to "make it necessary" (would be a very good reason for weekly demos, even more than "the environment", without this being currently wrong to explain) to found such a mass university without admission requirements. Free of charge and in German. Despite vicious protests by judges etc. (such as those who reject lawsuits in judgments for admission to the civil service career of an OU graduate).

People who primitively fear for the "status" of (their) studies if everyone has the opportunity ...